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Bollywood Blitz

By Connie Kwan-Wong   |    Photo by Herb Hochman   |     Date: May 29, 2015

Dr. Monica Patel and Cindi Rose hosted a 300 person successful "Bollywood Blitz" benefiting "Enslave No More" and "The Hope House" to stop sex trafficking on 5/29/2015 at Crimson Lounge. Angela Lipsey and Vanessa Derks founded EnslavedNoMore in 2011 to raise awareness and funds for Hope House.  Hope House is one of the ONLY safe havens young girls have for 1. housing /safety 2. rehabilitation 3. learn work skills 4. psychological care 5. spiritual healing from being stolen at the average age of only 12 years old.  The event raised over $40,000. 


The chairs and their committee, Amanda Abiassi, Vanessa Derks, Crystal Saldivar, Angela Lipsey,  and Neera Patidar did the impossible and prepared a hugely successful and meaningful night in less than a week!  The evening had live snake charmers, fashion demonstrations with models featuring designer Connie Kwan-Wong crystal clutches and Joe Vilaiwan fine jewelry, a photo booth by lawyer Gregg Harrison, a champagne girl in a champagne cage, a DJ, a henna flash tattoo artist, Indian drummers, Bollywood themed décor and food, and a solo Bollywood dance by Dr. Monica Patel.  


A live auction was emceed by Judge Eric Andell. It was made possible thanks to the generosity of the following contributors:The Roses donated a stay in their 5,000 square foot Palm Springs home. William Lloyd and wife Nikki Araguz donated a fine art, jewel encrusted painting. Azar Talleghany donated a gorgeous jeweled Buddha necklace. Connie Kwan-Wong donated a limited edition multicolor crystal clutch representing "Hope" and a Vilaiwan necklace from a collection that Joan Rivers once owned. Butch Gutzman donated a signed and framed JJ Watt Jersey. And, Imad Kalil donated a red Mitsubishi car which sold for $20,000.


Attendees included Gigi Huang, Lily Paxson, and Enrique Salinos, David Fink, Erica Rose, Cory Shivar, from ABC's The Bachelor, Allison Reeves, Merissa Littell, Betsy Benton, Gregg Optekamp, Ben and Laura Max Rose, Azar Taleghany, Sharon and Michael Brier, Alex Martinez, Beth Cassidy Garcia, Arthur Villa-Real, Darian Ward, Michael DeMarse, Stephanie Signaigo,Dr. Pavon Grover, Dr. Erica Sato, Dr. James Suliberk, Beth Cassidy Garcia, Gregg Opekamp, and Mahzad Mohajer.


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