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For the Health of the Community

The 9th annual Community Immunity Spring Luncheon fills the ballroom of the River Oaks Country Club


Photo credit: The Immunization Partnership 

The Celebration

Over 400 guests attended The Immunization Partnership’s (TIP) 9th annual Community Immunity Spring Luncheon held at the ballroom of the River Oaks Country Club.  Nicci White Greeley, MD and Laura Laux Higgins, JD chaired the luncheon. Their mothers, Nancy Laux and Daisy White, served as the honorary chairs. 

The Story

FOX-26 news anchor Melissa Wilson emceed the event. Allison Winnike, JD, TIP’s newly appointed  president and CEO, shared the state of immunization policy in Texas with the audience. She also engaged audience members in a lively game to remind them about the importance of vaccines and the need to contact legislators to request their support of immunization laws that protect Texans from vaccine-preventable diseases. 

The Moments

Susan Feigin Harris presented the Ralph D. Feigin MD Award for Excellence to Texas Children's Hospital for its commitment to education, advocacy, and research in preventing vaccine-preventable diseases. Michele Boettiger presented Whitney Walsh with the John R. Boettiger, Jr. Award for Community Partnership for her generous and ongoing support of TIP. A grand total of $168,000 was raised to support vaccine awareness programs that strive to keep us healthy.

Guests: Judge Ed and Gwen Emmett, Dr. Julie Boom, Selby Bush, Dr. Stanley Spinner, representative Sarah Davis, and Dr. Melanie Mouzoon.

About The Immunization Partnership (TIP)

The Immunization Partnership (TIP) helps individuals, physicians, and others to make smart choices about protecting their communities from vaccine-preventable diseases. Endeavoring to prevent what is preventable, TIP conducts community and provider forums throughout Texas to educate the public on the latest in vaccine-related science and policy. It also advocates for evidence-based legislation and builds the capacity of community-based immunization coalitions.

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