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Four-Minute Meditation:

“Gather Moments of Joy”

By: Pragito Dove


Step One
Remember one moment from your childhood, from joyful times, when you felt that life was magic, that just to be alive was ecstatic, and that just to breathe was enough. You didn’t need anything to make you feel joyful. Gather this moment. Close your eyes and remember it.

Step Two
Now relive this moment. Become a child again. Run, sing, and play. As you continue this practice, do it for a longer time: ten, twenty, or thirty minutes. If memories are triggered of moments when your passion for a particular activity was cut off, reinfuse that activity with passion NOW. Your life will become revitalized with creativity and joy.

Creativity Is the Ability to See What Others Can’t
It’s impossible to be creative when your sight is clouded by an overly busy mind. Spending time doing nothing, relaxing, walking in nature, sitting on your porch, and enjoying any kind of downtime that you can fit into your day encourages you to tune in to your creativity. Laughter and dancing help you loosen up. Having fun, playing sports and games, singing, whistling, and any other activity that makes you feel good enhances your creative process. Laughter breaks up the serious grip of the mind so that your natural talents shine through.

Creativity Allows the New to Happen.
Be courageous! Put aside memory so the past doesn’t interfere. Let the new penetrate you and thrill your heart. You are a human being, the very culmination of this existence and have come into this world with a specific destiny: there is a task for you to fulfill, a message to be delivered, some work to be completed. You are not here accidentally. Existence intends to do something through you.

Pragito Dove, M.A., shows people how to build thriving businesses and lives by increasing their self-awareness, self-confidence, and trust in their intuition. She is a master trainer in personal transformation, an international speaker, a meditation expert, and a hypnotherapist with over 25 years of experience. A best-selling author in seven languages, Pragito is dedicated to reigniting passion and vision in the world. As a featured columnist at “The Huffington Post,” Pragito urges her readers to step into their greatest creative expression. After Pragito skyrocketed her income to six figures in less than two years using Law of Attraction principles, she knew she had to share her secrets with a worldwide audience. Website:

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