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Shooting Star Award

Jordan Fein and Lauren Elie: Young Partners in Philanthropy

CKW LUXE is proud to announce that Jordan Fein and Lauren Elie are our joint Shooting Star Award honorees. This award recognizes the young people who pave the way for themselves. They have shown extraordinary effort in the pursuit of a particular goal and have influenced the community for the better.

Co-founders, co-managers and co-administrators of the nonprofit, Flower Power Gives, Jordan and Lauren learned early on to think of others. When they were both in seventh grade they had the brilliant idea of reusing flowers decorating charitable events. Their idea was to gather them up after the event while they were still fresh and donate them to worthy causes. In so doing, a beautiful natural resource wasn’t wasted, and those who would benefit from a gift of flowers received them. The solution was simple in execution but great in scope. Now in its fourth year, Flower Power Gives is an established well-run concern that brings happiness to many in the Houston community. While maintaining busy schedules with their philanthropic efforts, both young women also sustain exceptional marks in school and balance their busy lives with extracurriculars like travel, photography, piano, skiing, and scuba diving.

CKW LUXE would like to wish Jordan and Lauren well in all their future endeavors and thank them for helping us look differently at the way we use our beautiful natural resources.

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