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Life Is an Adventure,

by Warner Roberts, Is an Instant Bestseller

by Warner Roberts

CKW LUXE would like to congratulate Warner Roberts, whose brand-new eBook, Life Is an Adventure, is already a number one bestseller. Now able to add best-selling author to her list of accomplishments, the well-known Houstonian has led a remarkable life as a fashion model, an award-winning television journalist, a publisher, a wife, and a mother. In everything Roberts has undertaken, she has been an unequivocal success.

The Honorable Joanne King Herring has said this of Roberts: “Warner's life is a lesson for every working woman, every woman who has struggled to succeed. She has raised an extraordinary family, sustained a great marriage while becoming a public figure. Houston celebrities have come and gone, but Warner will never be forgotten. Everyone that meets her remembers her, admires her and wants to be like her. Including me.”

In her book, Roberts shares the eight steps that have allowed her to go on what she calls her “miracle adventure” and achieve a happy and efficacious life. They have helped her triumph over the bumps, challenges, and disappointments we all face in our lives. In Roberts’ words: “I am sharing with you what I learned from my life’s journey; things that have worked for me; these steps guide me every day.”

Not only did Life Is an Adventure accomplish the feat of attaining the number one eBook position, it did so in six categories: Women’s Spirituality, Self-Help Inner Child, Children’s Nonfiction Performing Arts, Children’s Television and Radio Books, Children’s Nonfiction Arts and Music Books, and Biographies of Journalists. CKW LUXE  congratulates Warner Roberts on all these achievements and thanks her for sharing her wisdom with readers everwhere.

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