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Make the Natural Choice

By Margaret MacMillan


You have a choice in the food you buy—Oprah Winfrey


We make choices every day: Will I wear the black suit or the brown; do I want to put on high heels or flats; will I drive the car to work or walk; should I stop for coffee along the way … We make these choices one after the other. Our days are filled with them.


What’s the deciding factor that tips the scale in favor of one over the other? Usually, the decision comes down to which is the wiser of the two options. The black suit is definitely more appropriate if you’re attending a power lunch or formal event. If you’re going to be on your feet all day, the flats are the better choice. If you need exercise, walking is preferred.


So what about the food we buy at the grocery store or market? Are there choices we can make that are wiser than others? Of course there are.

Photo credit: Dreamstime

The choice we’ll be making when we walk up and down the aisles is whether to buy processed food or natural food. Most processed food, though convenient, has fat, sugar, and salt added. Sometimes in alarming amounts. Natural food, on the other hand, is just that. It hasn’t been modified in any way and nothing has been added to it.

If we want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it stands to reason we would choose natural food over processed food. And it’s not that difficult to do. Keep in mind that  whole fruit has the added benefit of heart-healthy fibre. Fruit juices do not. When it comes to choosing bread and cereals, whole grains win over refined grains. Because they contain the bran and the germ, they have more nutrients. Fresh vegetables are full of vitamins vital to our immune system and bone health, and contain lots of fibre for heart health. Some of the nutrients in frozen and canned vegetables can be lost, and they don’t taste nearly as good.When it comes to choosing the best food to put on the table, natural is always the best choice. When it comes to deciding about stopping for that coffee, however, is there really any choice?


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