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Astral Light Award

Robin Angly: A Patron of the Arts Who Makes a Difference

CKW LUXE is proud to announce that Robin Angly is our Astral Light Award honoree. This award goes to a philanthropic woman who has devoted her life to art, music, or science and made a positive difference to people within those communities, and those affected by those communities, by inspiring and transforming their lives.

There is no doubt about it. Robin Angly is vital to the life of the Houston arts community.  She has made it her mission to ensure the city’s cultural organizations not only remain healthy but thrive. Robin was born with an inherent love of music. From the time she was a young girl until now, she has been listening to it, performing it, and supporting it. It’s no wonder then that she is a member of HGO’s Founders Council, its Board of Directors, and its Laureate Society, and will be moving into a leadership position at HGO in the near future. Robin is also a member of the Ars Lyrica board of directors and has been active in helping the director, Matthew Dirst, attain his wish list for the company. Robin’s work with the Houston Symphony includes supporting composers in residence. She is also an avid supporter of Inprint, most especially its Senior Memoir Workshops program, and Da Camera of Houston, whose executive committee she is a member of.

Robin knows the importance of being heard when you want to get things done, and CKW LUXE would like to thank her for making us all listen.

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