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Astral Light Award

Rosanette Saragusa Cullen: A Devoted Philanthropist Who Has Dedicated Her Life to the Betterment of Houston



CKW LUXE is proud to announce that Rosanette Saragusa Cullen is our honoree for the Astral Light Award. This award goes to a philanthropic woman who has devoted her life to art, music, education, health care, or science and made a positive difference to people within those communities, and those affected by those communities, by inspiring and transforming their lives.

Rosanette Saragusa Cullen was raised to be charitable, starting with neighbors who were in need. Hers was not a wealthy home, but her family never wanted for anything. They gave to one another, as well as to other family members who needed any kind of assistance. When Rosanette married Harry Holmes Cullen, she became part of another family that believed in giving. Rosanette is proud to be part of the Cullen family, the most philanthropic family in the city of Houston. Some of the beneficiaries of the Cullen family’s philanthropy include: The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Houston Ballet Foundation; the University of Houston; the Texas Heart Institute; MD Anderson Cancer Center; Chi St. Luke's Health-Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center; St. Michael Catholic Church; St. Agnes Academy;  and Episcopal High School. Rosanette was honored for her work with UNICEF with the Margaret Alkek Williams Humanitarian Award.

Rosanette Saragusa Cullen’s kind and giving nature have added to the growth and prosperity of Houston and CKW LUXE would like to thank her for contributing so much to so many.

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