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Dream Events Do Come True

with Royal Luxury Events

Anna Jongejan and her husband, Jos, cofounders of Royal Luxury Events, are in the business of turning events into experiences that treat attendees like royalty. Royal Luxury Events has been reimagining dream weddings, unique corporate events, and lavish galas for Houstonians since 2018. The company’s goal from the beginning was to be the premiere provider of luxury events in Houston. By customizing each event, no matter how large or small, with details designed to capture the client’s vision, Royal Luxury Events has cemented its position in the industry. Clients are invited to utilize Royal Luxury Events’ décor rental service or allow the company to provide assistance from the first step of booking the venue all the way to the fabulous end. CKW LUXE recently spoke with cofounder Anna Jongejan about her original vision for the company and the details that go into making her service so successful.

CKW LUXE: Can you tell us what your original vision for Royal Luxury Events was?

Anna Jongejan: I wanted to create an event experience where every guest would feel like the guest of honor and feel like royalty. 

CKW: How were you able to make that vision a reality, and did anything change as you were doing so?

AJ: When I entered the event industry, I knew that I wanted to be unique and become the go-to luxury event provider. To do this, I knew I had to offer décor and inventory that was custom and luxurious and different from what was currently being offered. Initially, we thought our main focus would be on chairs, but after visiting several different factories abroad and gathering inspiration, we decided to offer full room event production experiences.

CKW: Please describe for our readers the different kinds of events Royal Luxury Events takes on.

AJ: We take on all types of events: from larger gatherings, such as weddings, corporate parties, charity galas, and social events to more intimate events, like birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, engagement parties, and more.

CKW: How are you able to take a client’s dream and turn it into a successful reality for them?

AJ: I have found that the key to taking a client’s dream and turning it into reality is to listen to them. I pay attention to all of the small details and customize each event experience to the client’s specific needs.

CKW: Houston is a diverse city made up of numerous ethnic groups. Tapping into different cultures, therefore, is necessary for many of the events you create. Can you tell us if that is difficult and how you are able to do it?

AJ: Royal Luxury Events prides itself on being able to cater to all cultures. My clients are like the United Nations. I am originally from Ghana and am married to a Dutch European. I have traveled the world for years, experiencing all kinds of cultures. Because of this, we are able to make people’s visions come to life regardless of where they come from.

CKW: Can you give us an idea as to how many people are involved in planning each event and what some of their specialties are?

AJ: Every event is different. The size of our team depends on the size of the event and the size and detail of the production. It could be anywhere from four to thirty or more working on a single event. Planning and designing event décor is a strong passion of mine, and this passion allows us to go above and beyond for every event. 

CKW: You have created a successful business designing lavish and personal events that reflect the character of your clients. Do any favorites come to mind?

AJ: We have done so many wonderful events. It is so hard to choose just one.

Recently, we did a corporate event at InterContinental Houston - Medical Center and we were able to provide a royal and VIP experience for all of the guests. The luxurious and thoughtful experience we provided made the employees feel appreciated by their employer, and that was a special thing to be a part of.

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