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In The Butterfly’s Home, Daisy the fish lives in a pond with other fish and small creatures. The pond is fine, but Daisy dreams of living somewhere more beautiful and exotic. When she meets Pearl Light the butterfly, who lives in a garden, Daisy longs to visit it and see what it’s like. With the help of a little magic, Daisy is able to. But when she arrives at the butterfly’s home, it isn’t what she imagined it would be.

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About the Author

Elly Wong


Eight-year-old Elly Wong is the younger sister to ten-year-old Zoe Wong. Her parents are entrepreneurs and philanthropists who believe in helping those who are less fortunate and in spreading a message of hope, love, and positivity.  

Elly has been brought up in an atmosphere of love and encouragement and is learning the importance of giving to others by the example set by her parents. Her family’s motto is: “Always share your blessings with others whenever possible. Love the people around you, and help the people who need you.” For her birthdays, Elly donates toys to other children. Her interests include art, music, singing, acting, taekwondo, playing piano, chess, playing with her friends and her sister, and exploring new ideas and experiences.  

Elly loves family time and being with her friends. She also likes volunteering with her mother at Kids’ Meals and Today’s Harbor for Children, two wonderful charities that are effectively helping many. Visiting the Children’s Museum of Houston and the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, as well as attending family concerts at the Houston Symphony, are also activities Elly enjoys. 

In February 2023, Elly and her sister, Zoe, were honored as Junior Stars at Ars Lyrica Houston’s Gems, Charms, and Treasures Gala. Along with their mother, Connie Kwan-Wong, who was also honored, they received congressional recognitions from the United States Congress, a Proclamation of CKW (Caring, Kindness, Wisdom) Multigenerational Philanthropy Day from the City of Sugar Land, and certificates of appreciation from the City of Houston and Ars Lyrica Houston. 

Elly looks up to her big sister and her mom who give selflessly of themselves to help others. 

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