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The Colorful Life of Art

The Hanh Gallery is based on Houston, TX, and is owned by local artist, Hanh Tran. The majority of Hanh's work is oil on canvas, with thick sweeping  textures that will reach your soul if you stare at it long enough. In addition, she has added wearable art into her collection, such as hand-painted bags and bracelets. She also makes custom dresses that are hand painted for fabulous events and galas around town. Hanh's work can be seen at local businesses, but to understand her work, you have to actually see it, and chat with her about why paints, what she paints. "My art is inspired by the people that I'm with and their environment. I see people in color first before I see their faces. Color isn't about what mood I'm in; it's about the substance of the people I've met. That's how I pick my colors when I paint," says Hanh.


When you can't catch her painting at the gallery, she is often sound attending meetings to discuss the charities that are dear to her heart. She is heavily involved in the community with her volunteerism. Her philanthropic heart has led her to several amazing charities and has helped make some great friends along the way.


One of Hanh's charities that she supports is Helping a Hero, where every year one of her paintings has been auctioned off for $50,000 to build homes for wounded veterans. At North Cypress Hospital, she paints with breast cancer patients every quarter. She helps kids with cancer through, Sunshine Kids, where she spends the day painting with them. Not only does she support all the above mentioned, there are many other charity work that arises throughout the year which she supports as well that we just can't keep up with her. However, CKW did manage to catch up with Hanh and speak with her about her amazing life and interests.


CKW LUXE: Why did you decide to become an artist?

HANH TRAN: Because I have always dreamed in color and now colors are my platform that I jump off of and create what I see of the world.


CKW: What is your favorite part about being an artist?

HT: My favorite part is that I get to decide what art should look like to me, and I can make up my own rules along the way.


CKW: What was your inspiration for painting the latest collect?

HT: My need for quiet time in my head. I'm always thinking about a billion things, and I can't see, to keep my mind calm. Painting all the whites and blues has helped me keep my mind at peace; hence, the latest collection was born.


CKW: What has been your greatest challenge?

HT: The value of art. People can justify buying a handbag for $3,000, but not a piece of artwork. Art is timeless, as it can move you to every crevice if your core, and it will never fail your memory. It will alaways remind you of how you felt when your eyes first saw it, and your heart had to follow.


CKW: What keeps you motivated each day?

HT: Not having to go back to Corporate America. It makes me work a little harder and reminds me of all the blessings I've had in being a full-time artist.


CKW: What are you currently learning?

HT: Taxes. Having a small business, you have to keep up with all the changes.


CKW: You are so busy out there, what do you do with your free time?

HT: I read, especially when I don't have a lot of time. I read my Bible because it's a quick read, and I can go to one scripture and be totally satisfied.


CKW: When are you the most creative?

HT: When I get to spend the day in my pajamas, and between the hours of 2 a.m. to 6 a.m When the world is asleep, I'm peacefully painting.

CKW: What's your advice to young artists?

HT: Just paint. Don't think too much about it.


CKW: What makes you happy?

HT: When I go back to my center and balance my life with God, Family, and friends. Work i just the icing on the cake.


CKW: Tell us about the art community in Houston?

HT: The artists in Houston are uber-talented! I'm prud to be a part of the art community here. Houstonians are super supportive and collect art from different artists. It's great and I encourage that. Houston is a diverse and artistically cultured town - I love that!


CKW: What are your plans for the future?

HT: Expand my business and have retail therapy with retail, hours and possibly adopt a dog.

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