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Astrology: A Pathway to Self-Knowledge

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I fell in love with astrology as a child growing up in the ‘60s - a decade when this ancient science broke through into the mainstream consciousness. Astrology columns popped up in popular magazines and daily newspapers and via the best seller, Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs, which became a huge success.

Upon delving into what was available in the popular press, I quickly discovered that there was so much more to astrology than sun signs. In fact, I found through my inquiry a pathway to a deep understanding of our inner purpose and spiritual direction. And I vowed to follow this pathway to get to the heart of what I was seeking: who am I and why am I here? It led me to mastering the calculations and detailed analysis of creating accurate astrology charts for myself and others. 

Over the many years of study which have followed my first awakening to the magical world of astrology, I continually learn new ways to receive guidance from the planets and the ever-evolving patterns these celestial influencers have in our lives. Not only can astrology reveal personality traits, relationship tendencies, talents, challenges, and potential, it is also a spiritual map for the growth of consciousness. I never tire of examining each new client’s natal chart, drawn up with their birth information: date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth. By creating an astronomically correct map of the skies at a person’s birth, we can gain entry into the soul patterns for that individual: consciousness which spills over from past lives, along with the essential cosmic identity of the person, and the lessons they are pursuing in this lifetime.

With the addition of predictive techniques, including the influence of “transits” (where the planets are now in the sky and what opportunities are currently available plus the challenges at present) and the “progressions” (a formula which looks at inner growth), we have a very compelling look at the original potential of the natal chart and the progress made in achieving those soul-based intentions. There is never an end to the deep awareness we can mine from astrology.

To explore these things for yourself, consider booking an astrology reading with a qualified astrologer to begin the journey of self-knowledge from the cosmic perspective. We are currently living in an era where good quality astrology is broadcast through blogs, columns, podcasts, and webinars on the Internet continuously. Getting a copy of your personal natal chart is quite easy.

Interpreting the complex patterns of the chart is something an astrologer can provide via in-person or remote sessions. Be sure to record your session to review and contemplate the wealth of information presented.

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