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Welcome To CKW Publishing

CKW Publishing understands that you, as a writer, have something important to say that you would like to share with the world. Our goal is to make that happen.

CKW Publishing supports adults and children with their writing and publishing dreams. It is our belief that you are never too young nor too old to be heard.

Who We Are

CKW Publishing publishes books and magazines for adults as well as books for children. Our children’s book imprint is Dream Big Press.


CKW Publications for Adults 

​​CKW LUXE Magazine

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by Tyler Hoang

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The Armadillo’s Dream

by Dennis Arrowsmith



by Zoe Wong and Connie Kwan-Wong

What We Do

CKW Publishing is not a traditional publisher. Traditional publishing companies choose books to publish that meet the company’s criteria. As payment for publishing and distributing a book, they receive a certain percentage of its profits. As well, traditional publishers can sell the rights to other companies so the book can be sold in other countries.

CKW Publishing charges a flat fee for publishing a book, which pays for editing and marketing the book, as well as designing, printing, warehousing, and distributing it. It is not an investor in the book. With CKW publishing, the author remains the sole copyright holder. Therefore, the author has more control over their work and is able to sell books directly to their own readership. As well, authors keep all revenue from sales made with our assistance and distribution.  

What You Get

For our flat fee:

  • We help you put your thoughts into the story

  • We edit  your book

  • We illustrate your book

  • We take care of  your book’s graphic design

  • We do the complete layout of your book, which includes the inside book design, the book cover design, the author’s page, the title page, the copyright page with the ISBN number, the dedication page, and additional pages

  • We print your book

  • We assist you with distribution of your book and book-signing events

  • We give your book one full-page ad in CKW LUXE magazine

  • We do the online promotion for your book

  • We create the e-Book of your book

  • We create the audio book of your book

  • We create the website for your book, which includes the website design

  • We guarantee you there are no unexpected costs 

  • We guarantee you that you, as the author of your book, own all the rights and files to your book


With CKW Publishing, you are encouraged to discuss the publishing model that best suits you. By so doing, we will plan the entire process with you as well. This will include conferring about distribution options, marketing ideas, and project opportunities. We only take on four authors a year.

To arrange for a consultation with the publisher, either in person or by phone, please contact Connie Kwan-Wong at

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