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Connie Kwan-Wong is an entrepreneur, magazine publisher, and philanthropist who combines her many endeavors with her passion for charitable work. A former pediatric cardiac sonographer specializing in congenital heart disease, Connie lives in Houston with her husband and two daughters from whom she receives encouragement and inspiration. They enjoy spending quality time together and giving back to their community as a family.

 Connie Kwan-Wong

CEO and Publisher of CKW LUXE Magazine

In 2011, she established the Connie Kwan-Wong Foundation to support her charitable work and raise awareness regarding the issues facing many children. Connie also founded, and is president and CEO of, CKW (Caring, Kindness, and Wisdom) Inc., which includes CKW Skincare and Accessories Collection; CKW Giving; CKW LUXE magazine; CKW Publishing; CKW LUXE Living television show; and CKW ART COLLECTION, the first two pieces of which she has donated to the Museum of Fine Art Houston. Keenly aware of the part so many play in serving the Houston community, Connie is also the creator of the CKW LUXE Star Awards, Top 20 Impact Makers Awards, and Top 20 CEOs and Entrepreneurs Awards.

In service to her community, Connie sits on the boards of a variety of worthy institutions, including The Women’s Home, Kids’ Meals, Houston Symphony League, and the University of St. Thomas Performing and Fine Arts Society Advisory Council. She is also on the board of trustees of Houston Grand Opera and the Performing Arts & Culture Committee of Asia Society Texas Center.

For her vast contribution, she has received many honors, including multiple congressional recognitions for making a difference and impacting the community;  the City of Houston proclaimed May 26, 2017 as CKW (Caring, Kindness, and Wisdom) Day; being named one of the Top 30 Influential Women of Houston 2015, being recognized by The Women’s Voice with a 2018 Accolade Award, and being named one of the Pioneering Women in Media in 2018. In September, Connie will be honored as one of the University of Houston Law Foundation’s Beacons of Light at its 2019 gala. From her professional career to her philanthropic efforts, Connie’s compassion has not gone unnoticed.

Connie’s motto is: "Share your blessings with others whenever possible. Love the people around you, and help the people who need you!"

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