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2024 Top 20 Impact Makers Honorees

Amegy Bank
2024 Top 20 Impactful Corporation Impact Maker Award

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Awards Presentation

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Four Seasons Hotel Houston

Award-winning Amegy Bank is a leader in middle market banking; a supporter of individuals, families, and businesses of every size; and a champion of the community.


Amegy Bank, a division of Zions Bancorporation, N.A., is a leading Texas bank with $13 billion in assets and almost 1,000 employees. As a part of Zions Bancorporation, N.A., Amegy Bank earned six Best Brand Awards and 20 Greenwich Excellence Awards in 2023. With some 75 locations across Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Central Texas, Amegy Bank is dedicated to serving Texas communities, families, and businesses.


Founded in 1990 by Walter Johnson, now led by CEO Steve Stephens, Amegy Bank has a strong tradition of relationship banking, local decision making, and financial knowledge. Amegy Bank specializes in banking businesses of all sizes, particularly family-owned businesses, and has the resources to provide financing, treasury management solutions, international banking, and other products and services that help companies grow. Equally important, Amegy Bank offers individuals and families a wide range of depository, lending, wealth management, and mortgage solutions.


As a leader in its field, Amegy Bank offers several unique services designed to help individuals succeed. In the area of financial education, Amegy Bank invests in young bankers through mentorship programs, its industry-renowned Banker Development Program, and brings education to the community through financial literacy courses. Amegy employs a community banking financial education program administrator who makes connections in the community and teaches financial education to children and adults in all manner of circumstances. At the epicenter of its education strategy is acknowledging that one curriculum, or set of financial rules of thumb, does not fit all.


In the area of providing credit to small business, Amegy Bank’s Small Business Diversity Banking Program launched in May 2021. The cutting-edge special purpose credit program has been instrumental in meeting the financial needs and improving access to capital for diverse small businesses across Houston, Central Texas, and Dallas-Fort Worth marketplaces.


In the area of specialized banking teams, Amegy Bank has a number of them, including a Not-For-Profit (NFP) banking team that focuses on smaller organizations and clients that meet a particular depository or loan need. Community NFP caters to all other clients, focusing on strengthening the community banking partnership with the branch network.


Amegy Bank serves the community through employee volunteerism and charitable giving. Each year, Amegy Bank donates over $1 million as part of its mission to support its neighboring communities.


Two other examples of ways Amegy Bank contributes to the community are Amegy Cares and Amegy Bank’s internal bank-wide United Way Campaign. Amegy Cares is a program that gives employees a specified number of hours of paid volunteer time per quarter to give back to a cause of their choice. Amegy Bank’s internal bank-wide United Way Campaign encourages employee participation in fundraising activities that produce outstanding results each year. With the latter annual campaign, Amegy Bank employees have raised over $10 million for the community since 1990. The funds raised allow United Way to create opportunities for every person in the community to thrive by leading, serving, influencing, and bringing together the nonprofit services sector to deliver quality social services with exceptional outcomes.


In support of small local businesses, Amegy Bank hosts grant programs for small Texas-based business owners who have a passion for supporting their local communities. Amegy Bank, in partnership with the Houston Texans, Texas Christian University, and Live Nation have recognized over 38 small businesses by awarding over $90,000 in grants through programs such as the Houston Texans Small Business Boost, TCU Small Business Spotlight, and Live Nation Spotlight on Small Business.


During COVID-19, Amegy bankers volunteered their time and resources to community organizations. In addition to that, Amegy Bank delivered Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan approvals for nearly 7,000 small businesses. Originated and processed by bankers across Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Central Texas, the loans helped to preserve payrolls for nearly 150,000 workers, based on applicant data. Over 69 percent of the loans were made to businesses with fewer than 10 employees. Additionally, approximately 21 percent of the loans approved were for businesses that were not previously Amegy Bank customers.


There is no question that Amegy Bank produces products and services integral to its clients’ financial betterment and overall success. Its belief in the importance of the community as a whole has allowed it to become an integral part of the community, and its growth, by providing opportunities for everyone in it to flourish. In the future, Amegy Bank plans to continue its commitment to serving Texans with industry-leading banking products and services while giving back to the communities it serves.


It is for all the reasons mentioned above, and many more, that Amegy Bank has been named a Top 20 Impactful Corporation Impact Maker for 2024.

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