It has long been a tradition to show a woman you care, whether they are a romantic interest or beloved family, by giving them a glistening piece of jewelry. Every holiday, stores everywhere urge the sale of sparkling diamonds and gleaming gold and silver. After all, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Bvlgari jewelry agrees that there is an enchanting beauty to gemstones set in precious metals, but they go about it in a complete­ly unique way. Each piece they create is intended to highlight the individual beauty of the wearer.

Bvlgari has been creating fine Italian jewelry for over 130 years. They are inspired by Roman history and seek to honor the past, such as in their Italian Gardens collections, which is inspired by garden art from the Italian Re­naissance, or their B.zero1 ROMA collection, which is influenced by the spirals of the Colosseum. The rich history of Rome can be seen throughout Bvl­gari’s collection, from the sleek, to the whimsical, and to the modern creations. Even the Bvlgari name pays homage to the ancient Roman history of the Bvlgari family by utilizing the Latin “V” instead of “U” in the name. These inspired designs are then used to high­light feminine beauty.


The BVLGARI-BVLGARI collection is inspired by ancient Roman coins and the company states that it “reflects the multifaceted nature of a woman’s beau­ty—glamorous yet subtle, powerful yet romantic— and she is always beautiful.” The Diva collection is inspired by the sensual line of the feminine silhou­ette and shows the many attributes of a charismatic woman, “strength, sensuality, au­dacity, and radiance,” where as the Serpenti collection, inspired by the snakes of ancient Egypt, recalls wisdom, seduction, and eternal renewal. Each piece by Bvlgari is a work of art that tells a story.


Equally impressive as their art­istry is Bvlgari’s commitment to social responsibility, sus­tainability, and philanthropy. In 2010, Bvlgari launched a collection of jewelry to ben­efit the Save the Children or­ganization. In Valenza, they have started a training pro­gram for young craft people and internships for talented youths. They have also created cooperatives that are benefited by their accessories site in Florence. These cooperatives seek to find work placements for disadvantaged persons, provide training and reha­bilitation for the disabled, and 10% of the leather rem­nants from the accessories site in Florence are donated to these cooperatives in order to create small leather goods. In Lecce, they work with the Borgo San Nicoloa prison to help train and rehabilitate female prisoners. In this program, the women create accessories and purses using only recycled material. Buyers of Bvlgari jewelry can rest assured that their money is going to a company that has heart and cares about the world.


We have carefully chosen Bvlgari jewelry to feature here and have provided descriptions of their attributes and meanings. Each item is sure to enhance and honor the individuality and beauty of the women who receive them. Each piece has special, hand-picked gemstones in a variety of designs, so that each one tells a story that is as unique as the woman wearing it.


These Hidden Treasures earrings are perfect for the woman who has continued to stay by your side, whether it is through the loving support of a wife or the guiding hand of a mother. The earrings include four, fancy cut emeralds (143.1 ct total), which are a symbol of loyalty, compassion, and uncon­ditional love, highlighted by diamonds, the symbol of everlasting love and perfection.


The Blue Iridescence

The Blue Iridescence necklace is for the strong, vivacious woman in your life. This necklace is adorned with bold sapphires (187.48 ct), a symbol of power and strength, pink spinels, a symbol of vitality, and brilliant diamonds (24.75 ct) to cre­ate a piece that will shine as bright as the woman wearing it.

Spring Encounter


The Sparkling Hearts

The Sparkling Hearts necklace celebrates everlasting and strong love, while the Spring Encounter necklace celebrates the excitement and fragility of young love. Sparkling with the brilliance of diamonds, the iconic symbol of love, both pieces are a symbol of timeless romance.



The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden necklace is for a vibrant and whim­sical woman, a woman that knows what it takes to be well-rounded, get the most of life, and inspire those around them. With rubellite, believed to nurture and heal the body, as well as ignite passion and joy, tan­zanite, a symbol of compassion, citrine, believed to awaken creativity and imagination, amethyst, a sym­bol of faithfulness and beauty, and aquamarine, which inspires truth and trust, this necklace makes a bold statement, just like the woman wearing it.

The Love’s Paradise

The Love’s Paradise necklace is for the woman you hold in the highest regard. With sapphire (125.35 ct), which has long been a symbol of wisdom and royalty, coupled with emeralds, a symbol of hope, renewal, and growth, and diamonds, known for their strength and fortitude, this necklace is an empowering symbol for the woman you admire the most.

The Magical Reflections

The Magical Reflections necklace is inspired by the way water flows amongst Renaissance gardens. The playful ripples of the white gold are highlighted by glistening diamonds, believed to be a conductor of positive energy. Just like one ripple of water leads to dozens, this necklace is for the woman who creates a beautiful and positive impact on those around them.

The BVLGARI-BVLGARI bracelet combines the holy stones of ancient Rome: carnelian, for bravery, energy, and protec­tion, malachite, for happiness and joy, lapis, for luck and good chances, and mother-of-pearl, for eternal beauty and peace. This is for the woman who faces life head-on and takes on risks in order to create a better world.

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Roma Collection

For a modern spin on the classic Bvlgari look, try pieces from the B.zero1 Roma collection, which have the iconic look of black and white, this time in the form of strong, resilient ceramic.

Whether you go with the sleek and modern or the vivid and whimsical, sparkling diamonds or the deep hues of sapphires and emeralds, Bvlgari has something special for the women you care about. Every woman is stunning and beautiful in her own unique way and her ex­cellence deserves to be rewarded through our actions and words, as well as the occasional gift. From all of us here at CKW Luxe, we wish to send all of these symbols of love, hope, positivity, health, happiness, peace, abundance, and joy to our readers throughout 2016.

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