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Dr. Warren Ellsworth Believes in Giving Back

Dr. Warren Ellsworth, a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon specializing in breast reconstruction and cosmetic surgery and Medical Director of Plastic Surgery at Houston Methodist West Hospital, recently celebrated his patients in two separate and unique ways.

In August, with the assistance of Houston West Methodist Hospital, Dr. Ellsworth invited a small group of patients to participate in a ScART (Scar Art) event, a program created by You Night founder, Lisa McKenzie. The group was invited to put brush to canvas and create a painting of what their scars looked like. The guiding principal behind the exercise is to bring women together in an empowering group experience. It also brings people with surgery scars together with other survivors to realize they are not alone. The result was a collection of distinctive works of art that told something about each individual’s story.


Dr. Ellsworth also hosted BRA (Breast Reconstruction Awareness) Day on October 19, 2022 at The Bowery House and Gardens for his breast cancer patients. Part of breast cancer awareness month, BRA Day raises

awareness and educates women about breast reconstruction options after a mastectomy. It provides valuable information many women don’t receive when diagnosed. The main reasons women don’t undergo breast reconstruction are that they haven’t been referred to a breast reconstructive surgeon and they haven’t been told about the various options.


The festive event featured a DJ, food and drinks, and raffles of gift donations from the community for the patients. Dr. Ellsworth, Allergan, ReSensation, SIA (Society for Indoamerican Arts), Mentor, Synovis, Sientra, Galatea, and Zo were the sponsors. Kendra Scott donated a portion of their proceeds to benefit the Plastic Surgery Foundation.


Surviving breast cancer leaves both visible and invisible scars. Dr. Ellsworth understands this. He also understands that survivors are champions who have surmounted great obstacles and deserve to be celebrated. To do so in two such distinctive and empowering ways is a testament to his respect for his patients and his dedication to the principle of giving back.

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