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 Eco Chic Style Show at Health Fest Houston


Think responsible fashion is only about passing along your old fashions to someone new?? THINK AGAIN!!  HealthFest Houston will be introducing the latest eco fashion innovation during our Eco Chic Style Show featuring fashion designer & celebrity stylist René Garza! The latest couture line from Re:ne(w) made with up-cycled clothing! And best of all...your entry into this show is FREE! 

VIP seating is available & very limited.

René Garza, has spent over 15 years as a fashion and celebrity stylist traveling the world in a business ruled by visceral aesthetics. Garza has contributed to top international fashion magazines such as Elle and Harper's Bazaar, Some of the celebrities styled include Alicia Keys, John Legend, Christina Ricci, Jon Bon Jovi,Sofia Vergara, Terrance Howard, Naomi Campbell and many more. Using this time to create a body of work that reflects his long standing love of conceptual art. René Garza has created a line of luxury Hand knotted Tibetan rugs based on his art made with a local Houston company. and a line of throw pillows. As an artist in many mediums, Garza notes his inspirations usually comes from travel, minimalism, geometry, dark gothic and romanticism. Garza showed a public art installation in Houston, Texas called "A Moment" that covered an entire building's facade 100 ft X 25 ft and was meant to inspire calmness in our busy lives. "A Moment" followed up the exhibition of a drawing of graphite on paper at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

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