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Get Creative with Girls’ Night and Host a Painting Party


By: Margaret MacMillan

Picture this: A group of women sit around a dining-room table in a well-appointed home. They chat among themselves. From time to time, the sound of laughter ripples over the scene. In one hand, each holds a wine glass, in the other, a paint brush. First, they dab the brush into the pots of paint in front of them. Next, they dab it onto their personal canvas perched on a table-top easel. Last, they sit back and admire their work.

Whether you’re a pro with a paint brush or not, painting parties can be lots of fun and a creative way to celebrate a friend’s birthday, engagement, or retirement. Pair painting with a couple of bottles of wine or some tasty cocktails, and you have the perfect recipe for an inspired evening.

Due to the popularity of what are often called “paint and sip” parties, there are a number of ways they can be hosted. Which one you choose depends on your budget, your schedule, and where you want to hold your party. Here are some options:

Hire an In-person Instructor

Hiring an in-person instructor to guide your guests as they create their masterpieces, lets you become part of the painting party. Charging a per-person fee, the instructor supplies all the necessary materials. They will also bring a picture for guests to interpret in their own special way. The host need only provide the refreshments and the space, which can be their home or an interesting spot they’ve rented out. Social Artworking is a good website to consult when looking for an instructor. Just search by state. Remember, if you do decide to hire an in-person instructor, the date of your party will depend on both your schedules.

Go Virtual

An artist-led tutorial lets you have your painting party at home on your own schedule. Websites like Painting To Gogh enable you to choose the painting you want as your reference work. Once that’s decided, you select the number of kits you need. Each kit includes the art supplies and the artist-led tutorial, which can be watched on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop for the convenience of your guests. Once your order is placed, the kits will be sent to you. All you need are your friends and your favorite libation to complete the picture.

Take Your Party to a Paint Night Event

A simple Google search using the phrase “paint and sip” or “paint night,” plus the name of your city, will unveil a calendar of such events for you to choose from in your area. Houston has many. Held in pastry shops, art studios, art galleries, and other fun locations, pre-scheduled painting parties will greet your group with open arms. Just to make sure there is room for you, it’s best to buy your tickets in advance. Costs and refreshments vary.

If you prefer to host a DIY painting party, there are lots of ideas and examples on Pinterest as well as numerous blogs with lists from A to Z of everything you’ll need. However you choose to assemble your party, the websites and ideas above will help you make it a masterpiece.

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