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Get Focused And Increase Productivity With Any Of These

Five Crystals

Life is full of distractions. They can range from office politics to the well-being of our families. Distractions are often caused by serious concerns like those just mentioned. They can also be caused by more trivial matters, like noise coming from the street outside our window or concerns over what we’re going to wear to tomorrow night’s dinner party. No matter how serious or trivial a distraction is, it can disturb our focus when trying to accomplish something important, whether it be at home, at school, or at work.

In the case of a serious distraction, it’s important for us to acknowledge the fact that some matters are beyond our control. In this case, it helps to develop a positive attitude, be proactive, and understand we are doing all that we can. When dealing with a less serious distraction, it helps to take steps to minimize it or put it in to perspective. 

To give ourselves a bit of additional help, we might consider purchasing a crystal believed by proponents of crystal therapy to increase our focus by blocking out distractions, thus improving our productivity. Many of us aren’t familiar with crystals and the properties that make them unique. Those who believe crystals can be used to improve our health and well-being also believe each crystal contains one or more properties tailored to a specific need.

The five crystals featured in this article have been chosen because they make appearances on many lists of crystals thought to enhance focus and productivity. Their presence in our lives may be just what we need to put the distraction away for the time being, knowing we will be able to deal with it at a more appropriate time, and clear our minds so we can focus on the task at hand.

amazonite- Image by Yinan Chen from Pixabay.jpg

Named for the Amazon River from which Amazonite was originally believed to hail, this pretty opaque crystal ranges from pale green to greenish blue to deep green/blue. The amount of lead it contains determines its hue. Amazonite is sometimes mistaken for turquoise or jade. Just as the river it’s named after is forceful, Amazonite is believed to possess the force required to augment focus by soothing our nervous system. When stress dissipates, we relax. Relaxing improves concentration so that we are more easily able to focus our attention and solve problems. Amazonite is also associated with money, luck, and success because it is said to bestow truth, honor, and integrity on those who wear it. The most effective way to use Amazonite, it is thought, is to wear it as a necklace over the heart. It’s relatively inexpensive and can be purchased as raw or tumbled stones and jewelry online or in specialty stores.

mineral-1329216 - Image by György Károly Tóth from Pixabay.jpg

Ranging in color from intense blue to indigo, sometimes containing filaments of pale blue, the eye-catching azurite forms in masses, nodules, or crystals in copper ore. Proponents of crystal therapy believe azurite opens our minds to making connections, learning new concepts, developing understanding, and being aware of possibilities. These abilities sharpen our focus and increase our capacity for retaining knowledge for use at another time. Not only are these outcomes beneficial for improving the way we work, or for solving life’s everyday problems, they are also helpful for studying for tests and exams that may lead us to better positions in the workplace. Because azurite is believed to direct our focus, it makes sense that it would enhance our creative gifts as well as our reasoning powers. It is also thought to relieve stress, making it good for meditation. Azurite varies in price and can be purchased in rough form, as varying shapes of polished stones, and as jewelry online and in specialty stores.

sapphire Image by Rafe Whysall from Pixabay.jpg

Blue Sapphire
The celestial blue sapphire has been seen as a stone of wisdom and royalty through the ages and appears in the lore of many religions. In ancient and medieval times, it signified hope and faith and was thought to be the bearer of protection, good fortune, and insight. A form of corundum, an aluminium oxide, the presence of iron and titanium within the crystal give blue sapphire its heavenly hue. Today, blue sapphire is thought of as a stone of learning and mental acuity. “Its pure Blue Ray brings order and healing to the mind, lending strength and focus, and an ability to see beneath surface appearances to underlying truths and to utilize that knowledge,” according to Because the crystal is believed to be influenced by Saturn, it is also thought to have the ability to bring order and structure to our lives and imbue us with self-discipline. These abilities hone our focus making us more likely to accomplish the goals and tasks we set for ourselves. As blue sapphire is made into all forms of jewelry, it’s easy to wear and keep with us at all times. It varies in price and can be purchased as jewelry as well as in its raw form online, in jewelry stores, and in specialty stores.


Smoky Quartz
Smoky quartz is a variety of crystalline quartz. It achieves its light to deep-brown color variations from exposure to natural underground radiation in surrounding granite deposits. Because of its exposure to radiation, smoky quartz is considered to be a powerful crystal for clearing our environment of electromagnetic stress, which, in our electronic world, is all around us. As “the stone of cooperation,” smoky quartz is said to dissolve contradiction. Being able to see things clearly and without confusion is a bonus when we are trying to focus on anything. It is also thought to silence mental chatter giving us a clear uncluttered mind with which to concentrate. Focus and concentration not only allow us to accomplish a task or goal, they also help us achieve and retain positivity. puts it this way: “As a crystal that guides you toward more rational thoughts and emotions, you’ll feel protected against the illogical stresses that can pop up when your mind is overburdened.” Smoky quartz is relatively inexpensive and is frequently used in fashion jewelry. All forms of it can be found online, in specialty stores, and in department stores.

sodalite-Image by Rafe Whysall from Pixabay.png

Sodalite gets its name from its sodium content. Generally deep blue, the mineral can also be gray, yellow, orange, or pink. Blue sodalite is the one usually used as a gem stone and typically has white veins traversing it. Pink sodalite, which changes color when exposed to sunlight, is called hackmanite and is also used as a gem stone. Known as “the harmonising stone” and as “the student’s stone,” sodalite is believed to improve memory, focus, and organizational abilities. These are all factors in increasing concentration and motivation allowing us to be more productive. It is also thought to increase our understanding of the fundamentals involved in a project, enabling us to understand how to approach it better. Some believe sodalite helps us remain calm and focused during lengthy meetings. An effective use for it is to keep it at our desk for improved concentration and to take it with us to a meeting to enhance our attention. Sodalite can be purchased as a semi-precious gem cut into ovals, baguettes, rounds, or more intricate shapes and varies in price. It is also available in the rough. All forms can be purchased online or in specialty stores.

Productivity depends on a clear mind that is able to view a project or problem without distraction and from a place of focused understanding. The addition of any one of these five crystals to our busy routine may help us put distractions in their place, deal with them at the proper time, and sharpen our focus so we can increase the efficiency of our daily tasks. 

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