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"Holly Rose Ribbon Day" Celebrated in Style.

By Connie Kwan-Wong   |    Photography by Herb Hochman    |     Date: September 14, 2015

Crimson Lounge's Joe Arbeely opened his heart to underwrite an outstanding "Shades of Pink" kick-off party at his trendy Kirby location, September 14, for friends and supporters to commemorate HOLLY ROSE RIBBON DAY . "The idea is to get people thinking in September about October breast cancer awareness month, and what better day to do so than on September 14th which is officially HOLLY ROSE RIBBON DAY in Houston" said CEO and founder, Cindi Rose. Loyal pink-hearted chairs Beth Cassidy-Garcia and Kelly McLeod could not agree more.



On September 14th, 2013 the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation was recognized for our “selfless dedication to helping cancer patients.” Mayor Annise Parker and the City of Houston commended the foundation and extended their best wishes for our continued success.



The event, which filled out quickly with over 100 beautiful minded people came to also support the upcoming efforts of the foundation planned for October. The mission of the foundation began with a seed idea, to help the under and uninsured have free breast cancer reconstruction surgery (an operation that can cost up to $250,000) to feel well and whole. The non- profit also provides scholarships to students who lost a parent to any cancer, or that have cancer or leukemia. "We now also are currently working on developing a "preventative breast cancer program" by offering mammograms and other types of breast cancer screening. Our goal is to roll this program out by the Spring of 2016," Executive Director Lily Paxson said.



In that glittering pink hearted group were: founder Cindi Rose, Executive Director Lily Paxson, Enrique Salinas, Kelly McLeod, Beth Cassidy-Garcia, Beth Bryant, Staci Sobocinski, Margia Brito, Aymeric Martinola, Priscilla Anderson, Laura Max Rose, and Ben Harwood Rose.

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