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Houston Goes Hollywood to Benefit the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation

, By Connie Kwan-Wong          |             Photo Credit: Herb Hochman & Daniel Ortiz           |            

J Michael Soliz
Claudia Sierra, Susan Primm
Angelica Jimenez Chapman, Dr. Franklin Rose, Ericka Bagwell
Dr Monica Patel & Hollie Wells
Dr Sophia Barnes, Gonzalo Filgueira
Ella Markovsky
Megan Mollaei, Azar Taleghany
Nancy Golden
Robert English, Renee Danielle
Rocky Sembritzky and Rosemarie Johnson
Sharron Melton, Ruchi Mukerjee
Tracy and Harry Faulkner
Casey Jordan and Jason Gibson
Celebrity Judges Table
Cindi Rose
Miya Shay and Edward Sanchez
Neal Hamil and Rosemarie Johnson
Nancy Marcus Golden and Kellie Letsos
Rosemarie Johnson and Ericka Bagwell

Bar Bleu, West University’s hottest club, was recently the scene of the HOLLYwood HOLLYween bash to benefit the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation. The spot was transformed into a glamorous Hollywood nightclub by owners Kellie Letsos and Adam Kliebert and event planners Lily Paxson and Nancy Marcus Golden. Andy Warhol-inspired art pieces signed by movie stars, a raving dance floor, neon lights, and glittery ghostly angels hanging from the ceilings set the scene.  There was even a red carpet where 20 Houston’s Katie Orth, holding on-air court, made attendees feel like Hollywood royalty.  


Emcee Neal Hamil said he spotted eight Marilyn Monroes (one being Nancy Marcus Golden), twelve Audrey Hepburns (one being Jennifer Roosth), three Grace Kellys, one Donald Trump, one Cher, two Karl Lagerfelds (JMichael Soliz and Enrique Salinas), one Jennifer Lopez (Claudia Sierra), and one Dorothy (Beth Muecke) among the guests. To the delight of everyone in attendance, DJ Senega Illes spun awesome tunes to dance to, and noted drag queens performed outrageous acts.  The evening’s events, orchestrated by Lily Paxson and Nancy Marcus Golden, acting as producer and director respectively, also included a costume contest. The A-list panel of judges for the contest included Corbett Parker, TV producer Madellaine Paxson, fashion icon Aries Milan, fashion designer Jonathan Blake, and TV and movie star Jason Gibson. Ella Markovsky and JMichael Soliz were the lucky winners. 


David Fink of BellaVetro generously donated an amazing 7.5 foot by 5 foot tile masterpiece of Grace Kelly for the live auction. The piece was purchased by Rocky Sembritzky, fiancée of honoree Rosemarie Johnson, for $6,500. Rosemarie’s mother, Dolores Davis, who passed away from cancer at the age of 67, was honored during the evening. Rosemarie’s best friend Ericka Bagwell was there to cheer her on.  Ericka, who is a star in her own right, came dressed as herself and was accompanied by Angelica Ximenez Chapman wearing a stunning long black wig.  

Monica Patel, star of “Married to Medicine Houston” arrived in a shimmering blonde wig excited to see her on- and off-camera bestie, foundation founder, Cindi Harwood Rose, dressed as Jessica Rabbit, and Cindi’s husband, Dr. Franklin Rose, dressed as Yul Brenner. Hollie Wells was the ambassador for the Holly Hope award given to Rosemarie Johnson in memory of her mother.


A never-ending flow of wine, Tequila Mockingbird, Champagne, and delicious bites pleased palates throughout the night.  The dazzling crowd included Nicole Fertitta; John Styles Jr.; and Azar and Dr. Ahmad Taleghany (who donated two handmade pearl necklaces that went for over $1,000).  Chair of the night, Tracy Faulkner, donated a pink fur shawl from her own closet that fetched $1,000. Also there in support of the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation were Edward Sanchez, who served as auctioneer alongside Nancy Golden; Jennifer Garret; Miya Shay; Gregg Harrison; Michael DeMarse; David A. Cagney; Alan Pike; Tammie Anne Johnson; Anne Marie Vancas; Jaquel Andrews; Lennart Kulke, who flew in from Germany to be Neal Hamil’s date; Megan Mollie; Ruchi Mukerjee; Casey Jordan; and Jurate Kopecky.

ABOUT THE HOLLY ROSE RIBBON FOUNDATION: The Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that provides 100% free reconstructive surgery to dozens of un-insured and under-insured post-cancer patients at no-cost to the survivor each year. We also offer college scholarships to cancer survivors or to those who have lost a parent to cancer, and arts in medicine activities for children currently undergoing cancer treatment at area hospitals and more. For more information please visit our website:

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