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Love146 Fundraiser Raised $25,000 to End Sex Trafficking

By Connie Kwan-Wong   |    Photography by Quy Tran     |     Date: September 19, 2015

Houston TX—Staci Henderson, Bela Thacker, and their wonderful host committee, Amanda Abassi, Angela Lipsey, Neera Patidar, and Jean Wilson, raised $25,000 to end sex trafficking in just a couple of hours. The event was benefiting Love146. Love146 is a movement working to end child trafficking while providing effective and thoughtful solutions. For more information, please visit


The private event was hosted at Staci Henderson and Dr. Qunag Henderson’s estate. Courtney Gilmore of KPRC2 was the esteemed mistress of ceremonies. The crowd included Designer Nha Khanh, Dr. Melissa Bailar, Christpher Grady of Love146, Mandy Kao, Dr. Sippi and Ajay Khurana, Yasmine Haddad, Drs. Vanitha and Bharat Pothuri, Anika Jackson, Dena Winkler, Michael Pearce, Matt Burrus, Chau Nyuguen, Richard Wall, Tammie and Dr. Johnson, Lan Than, Parrissa and Mahzad Mohajer, Nicole Lassiter, Debbie Festari, Tracy and Harry Faulkner.

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