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Harness the Power of Any of These
Five Crystals
for Natural Energy


On some days we may have more energy than on others. This fact may start us thinking about being energetic on an on-going basis, rather than sporadically, and encourage us to consider how to achieve that. Possible remedies would probably include exercising regularly, eating healthy, drinking lots of water, de-stressing, and making wise use of caffeine. Proponents of crystal therapy would add employing crystals to that list. According to them, we can do all these things as well as enlist certain crystals to enhance our energy levels even more.

Many of us aren’t familiar with crystals and the properties that make them unique. Those who believe crystals can be used to improve our health and well-being also believe each crystal contains one or more properties tailored to a specific need. The five crystals featured in this article appear on many lists of those that are considered adept at improving our physical and mental energy. They could be all that is needed to help us get out of bed a little faster, get us through our mid-day slump, or give us a can-do attitude before walking into the boardroom each and every day. 



According to advocates, carnelian increases energy in our lower chakras: the feet, pelvis, and stomach, which form the seat of our primal desire to be rooted, our creativity and sensuality, and our strength and confidence. Ranging in color from orange to red, sometimes possessing streaks of white, the cheerful carnelian is believed to harness the energy of the sun’s rays. Because carnelian is so energizing, experts recommend against keeping it in a bedroom where it may making sleeping difficult. Instead, they suggest placing carnelian near the entrance of our homes or putting it in a pocket to give us an added boost of energy as we walk out the door and as we proceed with our day. Like other orange stones, carnelians are believed to assist with physical training, exercise programs, and balancing our bodies’ energy levels. They are also thought to reduce listlessness and improve appetite. Carnelians are relatively inexpensive and can be found online or in specialty stores as polished stones and  jewelry.


Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is said to be stimulating on all levels and effective at increasing our stamina as well as our energy. It’s also seen as a spiritual and protective stone. Tiger’s eye gets its name from the fact that its markings and color, yellow- to golden-brown, resemble the eye of a tiger or a cat. Because the stone’s markings and color are indicative of the feline eye, it represents strength, power, confidence, intelligence, and daring, all of which are empowering and energizing characteristics. Like carnelian, tiger’s eye is thought to elevate energy, vitality, and strength using the rays of the sun. It is also thought to bring the body into harmony by boosting our hormones and biochemistry and to increase metabolism, keeping our energy levels up. Tiger’s eye can be carried as a stone in a pocket or worn as jewelry. Its price varies and is available online or in specialty stores. 



Citrine is believed to imbue us with a calming and unhurried energy and to be one of the most effective crystals for magnifying vitality. It is visually stunning and ranges in color from light yellow to dark brown. As with carnelian and tiger’s eye, the power of citrine is said to come from its spiritual connection with the sun. “Citrine works as a powerful regenerator of the cells of the body, and by regenerating the cells, it acts as an effective chakra activator and energiser,” according to It is also considered useful when setting goals and intentions. By holding citrine in our hands and focusing on a particular goal or intention, it is thought the crystal will give us the inspiration we need to see the goal or intention through. As a piece of jewelry, not only is citrine lovely to behold, its energy boosting powers will stay with us while wearing it. Citrine has a wide price range depending on the cut, color, and clarity and is available in specialty stores, jewelry stores, and online.



Hematite is thought to infuse us with vitality and endurance. At the same time, it is said to keep us grounded so we can garner strength from the earth. The latter isn’t hard to believe as hematite ranges in color from black or silver-grey to brown or reddish brown and is harder than iron, connecting it in our minds with the earth’s core. Its qualities of vitality and endurance make it especially attractive to anyone who suffers from a mid-afternoon slump on a regular basis. Hematite’s apparent ability to ground us is believed to be protective as it enables us to keep our heads in most situations. It’s available as a polished stone and in different forms in all types of jewelry online and in specialty stores.



Amber is an organic gem, meaning it was produced by a living organism. A pearl is also an organic gem. In the case of amber, it is a protective resin that was exuded by living trees millions of years ago, which has fossilized. As with carnelian, tiger’s eye, and citrine, amber’s connection to the sun is believed to be strong. And because petrified insects and plant matter are often part of its beautiful composition, it is said to have an affinity with the earth, just as hematite does. Because of these affinities, amber  is believed to be powerful in its ability to create energy as well as foster a more positive attitude. It is said that wearing or carrying amber increases vitality and draws out our innate desire to get better when we are recovering from illness, surgery, or an injury. As well as making beautiful jewelry, amber is an effective rubbing stone. It is thought that the warmth it creates when it is rubbed emits positive energy. Amber can be found at varying prices online, in jewelry stores, and in specialty stores.

The addition of any one of these five crystals to our lives, may, along with a healthy lifestyle, help us increase our energy levels and keep them elevated so that we don’t have energy highs and lows. Even for those who are proponents of their abilities, crystals are not intended to be used as a miracle cure. We also don’t need a bevy of them to reap their possible benefits. Adding one crystal is all that is necessary to help keep us energized. By using this list, we may be able to discern which one suits us, or, if we know someone who utilizes crystals, we might ask if we can take one or two for a test run and see which works best. 

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