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Princess Tatiana Galitzine 
2022 Top 20 Inspiring Woman Impact Maker Award

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Awards Presentation

Saturday, May 28, 2022

The St. Regis Houston

Princess Tatiana Galitzine is a strong advocate for the rights and well-being of children and animals in her community and around the world.


Tatiana is a member of the House of Golitsyn, a Russian noble family from her father’s side, and a member of the House of Austria, Habsburg, from her mother’s side. She was born in Santa Clara, California and grew up in Luxembourg, Belgium, Russia, and the United States. Having lived all over the world, from Belgium to Russia, and Chili to Singapore, Tatiana is fluent in four languages: French, German, Russian, and English. She has a master’s degree in architecture and a master’s degree in engineering from the Technical University of Munich.


In 2013, Tatiana moved from San Francisco, where she was working for Andrew Skurman Architects, to Houston, to begin working with the Gensler architectural firm. In 2017, she founded her own company, Tatiermo Design. Tatiana and her husband, Guillermo Sierra, were married the same year. Currently, Tatiana works as an architect with Wellville, a company begun by Lisa Pope Westerman, with whom Tatiana worked while she was at Gensler.


Tatiana and Guillermo have been board members of UNICEF South West since 2017. One of the areas they are focused on is UNICEF Kid Power, a program which empowers kids to save lives by connecting their everyday activity, like moving or learning, to real-world impact. Another strong area of focus for Tatiana is child trafficking, as is evidenced by her being one of the first members of the anti-human-trafficking organization, The Houston 20, and an active member of its board. In keeping with her concern for the welfare of children, she is also on the advisory board of Kids’ Meals.


Tatiana’s devotion to charitable causes is evident in the number of important events she has been involved in during her time in Houston.


A fan of hiking and mountain climbing with her husband, Tatiana has scaled peaks such as Mont Blanc, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Grand Paradiso. In 2018, Tatiana and Guillermo bought a car equipped with a rooftop tent and drove for nine months through Africa. It was during that trip that Tatiana climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. She was pregnant with her son, Konstantin Nicholas Sierra, during the climb. Both Tatiana and Guillermo love traveling the world and climbing mountains. It is their plan to climb as many of the seven tallest peaks in the world as possible. Not only was their trip through Africa an exciting and eventful time, it also reinforced the couple’s desire to help as many of the world’s children as possible.


Another of Tatiana’s interests is traveling around the world collecting art work to bring to Houston. A collector of local art as well, Tatiana is constantly on the lookout for new local artists to support. Although Tatiana and Guillermo are not from Houston, they have fallen in love with the city and feel like true Houstonians. One of their greatest joys is to support the local arts.


Though traveling, climbing, art collecting, and volunteering are Tatiana’s passions, her greatest joys in life are spending time with Guillermo and their son, watching her boy grow, and volunteering with her family. Family is everything to Tatiana.


It is for all the reasons mentioned above, and many more, that PrincessTatiana Galatzine Sierra has been named a Top 20 Inspiring Woman Impact Maker for 2022. 

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