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Launches Pucker Up For Change #pufc in Houston


RBRW’s Socially Conscious Fashionistas in Texas


Photo credit: Annie Mulligan and RBRW’s Chief Photographers Desmond O’toole and Abel Argueta

Real Beauty Real Women (RBRW) chose Houston as the city in which to launch its Pucker Up For Change #pufc campaign on March 28, 2017. The national campaign introduces RBRW's first lipstick line for the “Socially Conscious Fashionista.” The innovative conscious marketing campaign that merges beauty, glamor, media, entertainment, and technology with activism, is behind RBRW’s mission to make giving back glamorous and activism sexy. A percentage of all proceeds from the sale of the lipstick will go to the RBRW Foundation and its nonprofit, Break the Cycle.

The launch featured some of Houston’s most dedicated impact makers, celebrities, advocates, strategists, innovators, artists, philanthropists, volunteers, fashion and beauty icons, and influencers. From Houston, the campaign continues on to Los Angeles, New York, and other major cities across the United States.


RBRW was founded by activist/producer, Jacquelyn Aluotto. It is an astute website that combines web savvy fashion-forward entertainment with awareness of social issues like the plight of battered women, teens, and children; economic injustice; violence; sex trafficking; sex exploration; education; and special needs and disabilities. It encourages Socially Conscious Fashionistas, those from 18 to 80 who love fashion and entertainment, but who also wish to be of service, to come forward and make a difference.


Through its website, documentaries, and web series, RBRW has featured such style, fashion, celebrity, and philanthropic icons as Marc Bouwer, Sophia Vergara, Russell Simmons, Jane Fonda, Sway, Luis Guzman, Loreen Arbus, Marie Wilson, Selita Ebanks, Tim Gunn, and many others. Along with its nonprofit, Break the Cycle, and sponsor, Pick It Up Pictures, RBRW, through its Web series the NIMBY Project, has made over shelters and organizations serving communities in need.


RBRW’s socially conscious fashionistas who represented Texas at The Astorian in Houston for the campaign launch included Nancy Almodovar, Pamela Andino, Layla Asgari, Carla Bisong, Alex Blair, Martha Clark, Carrie Brandsberg Dahl, LaToyia Dennis, Tracy Faulkner, Staci Henderson, Anika Jackson, Sippi Khurana, Connie Kwan-Wong, Joy Lacy, Jalene Mack, Rania Makarious, Tammara McDonald, CleRenda McGrady, Dana McWhorter, Shawntell McWilliams, Sneha Merchant, Debbie Pakzaban, Latoya Smith, and Ebony L. Thomas.


Each of these civic-minded women was given the opportunity to speak about the causes of her choice and to bring an item symbolizing those causes. Connie Kwan-Wong, publisher of CKW Luxe magazine, chose the Angel of Hope for her symbol and spoke about HGO and Boys & Girls Harbor, two of the charities she supports. Each also had the honor of showing off RBRW's first lipstick line during the photo shoot.

The campaign is the brainchild of RBRW founder, Jacquelyn Aluotto. It's a dual-purpose lipstick-and-lip-pencil-in-one beauty line that was created that way on purpose. Socially Conscious Fashionistas have a dual purpose, just like the beauty line. They love to look and feel good, but understand that making a difference is the most beautiful thing in the world. Aluotto, known as a hybrid, one-of-a-kind, and innovative conscious-content creator also spearheads Fubu TV's conscious entertainment division, which has proven that people want media that merges entertainment, beauty, technology, and impact. 


In Aluotto's words, "The goal of this campaign is also dual-purpose. We want to find all Socially Conscious Fashionistas and connect them to the right people and platforms. We also need funds. I wanted to do something fun and to highlight women. A beauty line like Pucker Up For Change for the Socially Conscious Fashionista made a lot of sense to me. We highlight causes and nonprofits while highlighting the influencers and people behind them who do good things every day. Who says giving back can't be glamorous?"


Jacqueline Aluotto, RBRW’s vibrant and caring founder, never stops trying to find ways to change things that need changing. Currently, she is in Houston filming a documentary on sex trafficking. The film, which she has been working on for the past three years, focuses heavily on the welfare and foster care systems.


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RBRW’s Socially Conscious Fashionistas in Texas

Connie Kwan-Wong, Publisher of CKW LUXE was holding Angel of Hope

RBRW’s Socially Conscious Fashionistas in Texas