Houston Hosts Its First Inaugural Renaissance Women Summit

By Kimberly Chuck

On Sunday, January 15, 2017, the Interesting Agency, led by Amanda Russell, Anika Jackson, and Staci Henderson, held its first ever Inaugural Renaissance Women (RW) Summit at the JW Marriott in downtown Houston. Some of the city’s most influential women leaders and influencers came together and shared inspirational stories; offered practical, educational, and relationship advice; and conferred priceless tools for excelling in both personal and professional life.


The summit kicked off with a keynote speech by the iconic Buns of Steel fitness celebrity, Tamilee Webb. She discussed her career in the spotlight and how she was not only representing a brand, but how she became it and embodied it to be successful. Jen Groover, whom SUCCESS magazine has tagged a “Creativity and Innovation Guru,” spoke next. Groover delivered a heartfelt and inspiring presentation on how to optimize one’s potential and refine one’s emotional intelligence in order to achieve more success. Groover emphasized two important points to take home for reflection: 1) “There is only meaning to something when you give it meaning.” 2) “If you are going to complain about something, you better think of a solution for it to inspire change.”


During the brunch break, attendees mingled, snapped selfies, utilized social media to showcase RW, sipped coffee and tea while chatting with new friends, window shopped through the boutique-style exhibition stalls, and participated in giveaway events. Charm Envy, Blink Collective, and Branché were a few of the participating vendors.


Afterward, three women who are highly accomplished in their fields formed the discussion panel and described their challenges throughout their careers as well as the pivotal moments when they realized they were pursuing what they were meant to do. First, Dr. Noreen Khan-Mayberry, the world’s first female space toxicologist, currently working at NASA, shared that her “aha moment” came while being honored in Dubai as one of the women who embodied global leadership. At that moment, speaking to 4,000 women from around the world, she realized there was power in her own words of inspiration and that she was there for a reason.


Next, Diane Caplan, a marketing superstar, seasoned businesswoman, and magazine publisher, told attendees she promised herself as a child she would never let anyone else control her happiness or success, a belief instilled in her by her parents for which she is grateful. She also encouraged guests to take every opportunity that presents itself, because, even if they fail, they will learn from it.


Last to speak was Jacquelyn Aluotto, a multi-award-winning producer, director, and activist dedicated to eradicating poverty using socially conscious entertainment. She emphasized her genuine and uplifting perspective on life’s obstacles by assuring her audience that you don’t have to be rich to be creative, and that seeing people make a difference becomes infectious. It has been her goal to make activism sexy even when people told her she couldn’t, and she encouraged guests to be themselves and go after their goals without worrying about what others think.


The summit closed with the award-winning creative, professional, and marketing professor Freddy Nager delivering an intense talk on how to influence people to recognize what you can do and gain personal power. Overall, the RW Summit left a positive impact and sent the compelling message that when you live life as a fabulous, fierce, and fearless woman success will always be possible.

About Renaissance Women

Renaissance Women (RW) is a private girls membership community designed to educate, support, and mentor women in their business and social lives. It was built on the foundation that women can achieve more together with the powerful combination of strength, friendship, and beauty. RW strives to promote collaboration, leadership, transformation, and empowerment for women in all facets of their lives by connecting with fellow females in the community.

For more information, please go to: fitstrongandsexy.com

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