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Shining a Light on Houstonians Who Make a Difference

CKW LUXE brightens up 2019 with its dazzling Top 20 Impact Makers Awards Gala

Photo Credits:  Annie Mulligan, Lee Nguyen and Eduardo Perme

General Editor: Margaret MacMillan

Publisher: Connie Kwan-Wong

Dance Performance at 2019 Top 20 Impact Makers Awards

The Celebration

The Ballroom at Bayou Place was filled with twenty of Houston’s most devoted philanthropists and those who were there to celebrate them for CKW LUXE’s inaugural Top 20 Impact Makers Awards Gala. The significant awards are bestowed upon power couples and inspiring mother/father and daughter/son duos, women, men, and youth annually. Those honored with an Impact Maker Award are humanitarians who are generous in their support of others, dedicated to improving lives and living conditions, and devoted to finding better ways of helping. They have made an achievement that has had a positive impact on some area of the arts, science, education, humanitarianism, or medicine within our community.


Ralph Burch, Vicki West, Gayla Gardner, Brigitte Kalai, and Jano Nixon Kelley formed the host committee for the glamorous evening. The inimitable Gina Gaston emceed.


The Story

Upon arriving at the venue, guests entered the sparkling winter wonderland of their dreams. Glittering ice chairs, shimmering ice snowflakes, and ice-sculpted vases, courtesy of Ice Occasions, filled the beautiful ballroom. Lexis Florist complimented the icy vases with gorgeous centerpieces featuring frosted pine cones, exquisite white roses, evergreen accents, and silvery embellishments. Excited participants eagerly stood in line to have their photos snapped while sitting on one of the ice chairs. The masterful work of Kirksey Gregg Productions, AllShow Events Inc., and M&V Decorations combined to make the event a magical memory that won’t be forgotten.


The Moments

Connie Kwan-Wong, publisher of CKW LUXE magazine, welcomed attendees and thanked them for their tremendous support of the magazine and its goals and congratulated the evening’s honorees, thanking them for their many contributions to the City of Houston. The moment everyone was waiting for arrived when Gaston introduced CKW LUXE’s Top 20 Impact Makers for 2019 and Kwan-Wong presented them with their awards. Each award winner also received congressional recognition. The honors were bestowed by Christian Bionat, District Director, U.S. House of Representatives, 22nd Congressional District of Texas.



CKW LUXE’s Top 20 Impact Makers for 2019

Top 20 Power Couple Impact Makers

Susan and Dan Boggio

Honorable Theresa Chang and Dr. Peter Chang

Mary and Dr. Mark D’Andrea

Teresa and Dr. William H. Reading

Doctors Elizabeth Grimm and Jack Roth

Lisa Morris Simon and Jerry Simon

Betty and Jess Tutor

Top 20 Inspiring Mother/Daughter Impact Makers

Dr. Kelli Cohen Fein and Jordan Fein


Top 20 Inspiring Woman Impact Makers

Farida Abjani

Donna Fujimoto Cole

Leisa Holland-Nelson

Linda Lorelle

Dr. Laura Murillo

Dr. Susan Snider Osterberg

Warner Roberts

Sybil Friedenthal Roos

Alicia Smith

Elizabeth Stein

Beth Wolff

Honorable Clarease Rankin Yates


The magical evening came to a close with a mesmerizing performance by the spectacular Ad Deum Dance Company, which created fanciful effects with movement and light.

CKW LUXE would like to express its gratitude to the evening’s premium table sponsors: Alicia Smith, Beth Wolff, Anna Dean, Jerry and Lisa Simon, Jess and Betty Tutor, Sybil Friedenthal Roos, Drs. Jack and Elizabeth Grimm, and Dr. Peter Chang and Honorable Theresa Chang.


CKW LUXE would also like to thank the event sponsors for their generosity: Momentum BMW Southwest, The Ballroom at Bayou Place, Kirksey Gregg Productions, AllShow Events Inc., Sue Habib with Lexis Florist, M&V Productions, and Ad Deum Dance Company.


About CKW LUXE Magazine

CKW LUXE magazine is a philanthropic, inspirational, and quality living magazine. The three letters in our name, CKW, stand for Caring, Kindness, and Wisdom, encouraging us to CARE for one and all, treat everyone with KINDNESS, and be WISE in our understanding of others. The purpose of the magazine is to share enlightening stories that spread the message of love, hope, and positivity.

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