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MASA Studio Architects: Soothing Santa Barbara

Featured House and Architect of AIA Houston 2016 Annual Home Tour

4810 Braesvalley46
4810 Braesvalley43
4810 Braesvalley44
4810 Braesvalley45
4810 Braesvalley42
4810 Braesvalley41
4810 Braesvalley40
4810 Braesvalley38
4810 Braesvalley39
4810 Braesvalley37
4810 Braesvalley34
4810 Braesvalley35
4810 Braesvalley36
4810 Braesvalley33
4810 Braesvalley31
4810 Braesvalley32
4810 Braesvalley30
4810 Braesvalley29
4810 Braesvalley28
4810 Braesvalley26
4810 Braesvalley27
4810 Braesvalley25
4810 Braesvalley24
4810 Braesvalley23
4810 Braesvalley22
4810 Braesvalley20
4810 Braesvalley21
4810 Braesvalley19
4810 Braesvalley18
4810 Braesvalley17
4810 Braesvalley16
4810 Braesvalley15
4810 Braesvalley14
4810 Braesvalley12
4810 Braesvalley13
4810 Braesvalley11
4810 Braesvalley10
4810 Braesvalley09
4810 Braesvalley08
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4810 Braesvalley06
4810 Braesvalley05
4810 Braesvalley04
4810 Braesvalley03
4810 Braesvalley01
4810 Braesvalley02

Home Reflects Family Vacations along California Coast, Influenced by Single On-site Tree

4810 Braesvalley, Houston, TX 77096 - 8,000 square feet, MASA Studio Architects

Photo Credit: Photography by Benjamin Hill Photography

The home is located in Meyerland, a flood prone area in the city of Houston. The elevated design of the home takes into account these seasonal disturbances. The residence was designed in the soothing Santa Barbara style, as envisioned by the client and their love of family vacations along the California coast. Immersed with casual living and spartan ornamentation, it demonstrates a sense of sophistication with carefully executed details, elegant finishes and refined materials.


A notable material feature is the use of American Clay plaster throughout the home due to the

family’s sensitivity to allergies. This age-old material is an environmentally conscious product, a

non-toxic alternative for interior wall coverings that provide quality, health, beauty and value.


The design and organization of the home on the property was influenced by a single tree, adjacent to the courtyard entrance. Tour participants note the presence of a large oak tree that shades the courtyard, hides the mass of the home and greets visitors upon arrival. Once inside, a groin vault gallery focuses the viewer’s eye to the 500-gallon saltwater reef tank prominently located in the great room.


The great room provides an open vantage from which to enjoy the property. Deep verandas flanking the great room help buffer the interior space from the weather, while visually merging with the courtyard and pool area. The open-air cabana anchors the outdoor activities at one end of the pool.

AIA Houston 2016 Annual Home Tour

Saturday and Sunday, October 29-30, 2016
12-6 p.m. each day

See a map of all featured houses.

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  • The Wroxton, 2332 Wroxton Rd., Houston, TX 77005 - 4,950 square feet, MaRs




$25 Full-Tour Ticket
$20 Full-Tour Ticket for Bike Riders
$10 Single House Ticket (Single house tickets will not be available for pre-sale)

The Full-Tour and Single House Tickets can be purchased at any of the participating houses during tour hours and are good both days of the tour.


Full-Tour tickets may be purchased in advance online at or at the


AIA Houston office, 315 Capitol Street, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77002.

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