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Lessons Learned In Childhood Stay with Us Into Adulthood: The Importance of Teaching Children to Share

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A common thread running through the comments of CKW LUXE’s Top 20 Impact Makers Awards Honorees, in any year, is that, as children, they were taught the importance of sharing what they have with others. This lesson was learned from their parents and other family members, as well as teachers, both by word and by example. From the most common sharing lesson of allowing another child to play with their toys to contributing loved playthings and apparel to toy and clothing drives, there were daily reminders to share with others.


Many also remember being taken to senior centers to share their time with the elderly or saving part of their allowance to donate to a cause. Through the act of sharing, they learned they were showing others they cared about them. When sharing a toy with a friend, they experienced the joy the friend felt because of the act. This showed them that when we care about another’s feelings enough to share the things we love with them, we make them feel good.


The desire to share and show others they care has accompanied them into adulthood. Each of our honorees is a dedicated philanthropist who shares their time, talent, and expertise with organizations who help members of their community because they care about the lives of others.


Teaching our children that sharing what they have or what they love with someone, because we care about them, is a lesson that benefits them as well. The feeling of helping someone else is one of the purest forms of happiness we can experience. What better way is there to live our lives than by sharing a significant portion of them to bettering someone else’s and bringing them self-fulfillment and joy?

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