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Sealed with a Kiss: The New Imperial Torte Comes Packaged in Gustav Klimt’s Most Famous Painting

Photo Credits: Kirchgasser Photography and Helf.Photography

Lovers of exquisite confections and exceptional art, take note. From October 1, 2022, Wiener Kaffee, a new limited edition variety of the famous Imperial Torte, will become available. This variety of the handmade Viennese cake comes nestled in packaging adorned with Gustav Klimt’s masterpiece, The Kiss. A feast for the senses, the pairing of these two works of art is the consummate indulgence for anyone who enjoys the finer things in life.

Each delicious morsel of the Imperial Torte Wiener Kaffee evokes the pleasures of Vienna’s legendary café culture. Treat your taste buds to the sublime combination of whipped chocolate buttercream and subtly bitter Arabica beans embedded in six crunchy layers of almond leaves, all coated with the finest marzipan. They will rejoice in the perfect balance struck between sweet and delicately bitter.

The newest addition to the Imperial Torte family is handcrafted using the choicest ingredients. Master pastry chefs and self-professed coffee enthusiasts, Christian Cscencits and Matthias Grasenick, and their experienced team, ensure every detail of the production process is completed to the highest standard with passion and loving attention to every detail. The result is a masterpiece of construction and sensory delight. 

From their inception, artists, writers, and intellectuals have been denizens of Viennese cafés, enjoying the company as well as the taste sensations they offer. Gustav Klimt himself was a loyal proponent. The historical Café Imperial Wien in Vienna’s Hotel Imperial has long been an integral part of the culture. Its elegant, traditionally square-shaped Imperial Torte has been enjoyed by Viennese society from the start.

Vienna’s Belvedere museum, which houses The Kiss, is proud to partner with Café Imperial Wien for this historic project. Wolfgang Bergmann, Managing Director of Belvedere, says this of the collaboration: “We are happy to play a central role in this delicious project, and it is wonderful that Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss – an icon of love, and for over 100 years, the beating heart of the Belvedere’s art collection – adorns the new Imperial Torte.”

Mario Habicher, General Manager of Hotel Imperial concurs, saying, “The fact that the most significant piece from Klimt’s Golden Phase enhances our new flavor variety and that both painting and Torte remain true to their square (frame) shape, is marvellous. We are also exceedingly grateful to Belvedere, which, besides the world-renowned The Kiss, houses the biggest collection of Klimt paintings, for the outstanding collaboration.” 

Like its sister varieties, N°1 Das Original (The Original), N°2 Schwarz Orange (Black Orange) and N°3 Feine Himbeer (Fine Raspberry), Imperial Torte Wiener Kaffee can be ordered online at so that gourmets around the world are able to indulge in unforgettable culinary sensations from Café Imperial Wien.

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