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The Women’s Home:

Helping Women Build

New Lives


Homelessness is a problem in many large cities

across the nation for a variety of reasons, but

one organization in Houston has been working

to help solve this problem for many women for

almost 60 years. The Women’s Home has made

it their mission “to help women in crisis regain

their self-esteem and dignity, empowering them

to return to society as productive, self-sufficient

individuals.” They serve women who have experienced homelessness due to mental illness, abuse, or addiction. Every inhabitant in their home is asked to embrace the belief that every woman has “unique value and potential for a life filled with love, dignity, and purpose.” 



The Women’s Home Core Values:


Dignity—Respect for the worth of every person

Integrity—Honesty, justice, consistency, and ethical practice in all relationships

Inclusiveness—Diversity in those we serve, our staff, and leadership

Stewardship—Wise use of talents and resources in the service of others

Holistic Growth—Empowering individuals to adapt creatively to changes in life

-Taken from

In 1992, The Women’s Home created the WholeLife®

program, which takes a holistic approach and provides

highly individualized services to help women create their

goals and then achieve them. The program focuses on

six areas of health and well-being: emotional, financial,

physical, social, spiritual, and vocational. This approach

has led to overwhelming success. Almost 90% of parti-

cipants who are in the program for six months or longer

leave with housing and income, which almost doubles

the standard of the industry. The Women’s Home is also

approved by the Texas Department of Assistive and

Rehabilitative Services, making it only one of five

programs for women in the region that has achieved

this acclaim.


Bryson Blair: A Success Story from The Women’s Home

One success story coming from The Women’s Home is that of Bryson Blair, winner of the 2015 Whole Life® Award. Bryson was struggling from the effects of her chronic alcoholism until she entered The Women’s Home in 2015. At the home, she was able to find role models and make friends who understood her struggles. The structured and disciplined program of Whole LIfe® was just what she needed to get her life on track. She appreciated that the program treated all of her underlying issues and not just her alcohol addictions, which enabled her to find the root causes of her drinking problem. Rather than being lumped together with others with alcohol addiction, Bryson was treated as an individual, and she was able to create a program that would fit her needs and allow her to succeed.


Bryson has overcome her alcohol addiction and now lives a happy and productive life. Recently married in October 2015, Bryson lives in her own house with her husband. Bryson has an active life, which consists of her daily run to make her stronger and healthier and a coveted retail position, which she earned by being open and honest in her interview about her recovery. Her past experiences and journey to recovery keep her grounded as she faces the exciting and demanding aspects of her job. 


Bryson wants to make sure that her journey is just one of many coming from The Women’s Home. She values her opportunities to give back to the community and to the organization that helped her. She shares her story at conferences and on television appearances with the staff of The Women’s Home. She also volunteers with current residents. Her volunteer work helps to remind her of the journey she has had so far and the path she will continue down in the future. “My disease no longer defines who I am,” Bryson says, “I have learned to find self-confidence, and I have left behind debilitating insecurities and self-image issues that kept me down.”


To learn more about The Women's Home, please visit their website:

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