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Betty and Jess Tutor

Top 20 Power Couple Impact Maker Award

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Photo credit: Gittings

Saturday, January 5, 2019

The Ballroom at Bayou Place

Betty and Jess Tutor are active leaders, volunteers, and responsible citizens in the Houston community. In every activity with which they become involved, the couple express extraordinary creativity, hands-on leadership, and appreciation for the opportunity to get involved. The time and energy they devote to family takes equal precedence in their lives. 

Betty and Jess are from Mississippi and met while attending The University of Mississippi, where Betty studied education and Jess attended the School of Accountancy. Betty earned a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and a master’s degree in specialized reading, and Jess earned a bachelor’s degree in accountancy. In 2007, Jess was admitted to the University of Mississippi Accountancy Hall of Fame.

After graduation, Jess’ first and last career was with Arthur Anderson and Anderson Consulting, which became Accenture. His accomplishments included: Consulting Managing Partner for the Houston Office, Southwest Regional Managing Partner, Strategic Initiatives Partner The Americas, Head Partner of Global Services, member of the Board of Partners for Andersen Worldwide, and member of the World Wide Executive Committee for Accenture.

Betty taught after graduating and then devoted herself full time to raising the couple’s family. They have two children, Brooks and Sherida, and four grandchildren. Betty’s public relations skills, which she began developing in college, have helped her nurture children, family, and friends and have motivated others to be part of numerous new fundraising projects.

Along with their busy lives working and raising their family, Betty and Jess have devoted themselves to philanthropic work and are well known throughout Houston for their success in fundraising. Together, they have played a significant role in the growth of the Houston Symphony through their leadership on the boards of the Houston Symphony Society and the Houston Symphony League. Because of their devotion to the Houston Symphony, they were chosen to help lead the 100-year centennial celebration of the organization in 2014.

Betty and Jess have chaired the following events together:  Houston Symphony Ball, 2000; Houston Symphony Opening Night, 2006; Houston Symphony Men’s Event; Maestro Collection Fashion Show; Houston Symphony Auction; Annual Fund Giving Campaign; Houston Grand Opera Concert of Arias; American Diabetes Gala; and Houston Symphony Legacy Society Awards. The couple have set records for raising millions of dollars for the Houston Symphony.

For their joint philanthropic work, Betty and Jess have received the following awards and honors: The Ima Hogg Philanthropy Award; Honorees, Houston Symphony Ball; The Stewart Orton Golden Baton Award; Life-time Houston Symphony Trustees; Honorary Chairmen of the Winter Ball; Cancer League Pacesetters of the Year; Honorees, League of Champions; Honorees, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation; Honorees, Vital Living; Honorees, Wellsprings; Immanuel and Helen Olshan Leadership Award; Houston Couples Pacesetter Award; and Houston Treasurer Award.

Betty has chaired, cochaired, or sat on the board of the following: Texas State Orchestra Conference; Menninger Clinic Luncheon and Foundation; Houston Symphony Children’s Fashion Show; Houston Grand Opera Board; Menninger  Clinic Foundation Board; and Moores School of Music. She also: is a founding member of the Salvation Army Guild; sits on the advisory board for Houston Symphony’s holiday event, Magical Morning; is chairman of Houston Symphony League’s President’s Luncheon; is the underwriting chairman for Houston Symphony Opening Nights, Balls, Wine Dinners, Children’s Style Shows, and the Musical Magic Morning events; is chairman of Houston Symphony’s Men’s Smoker; is a past board member of Child Builders;  is a past president  of Houston Symphony League; is vice president of Houston Symphony Fundraising; was chairman of the former Houston Post Symphony Supplement; is a creator and past chairman of Houston Symphony Cultivation Dinners; and was a seated ambassador for Women of Distinction.

The following are among the many awards and honors Betty has received: Ellen Kelly Award, Houston Symphony League; Honoree, Women of Distinction; a Woman of Distinction 2001; Cancer Fighters All-American League Award; Delta Gamma Vision Award; DAR Award for Community Service; and Moores Society Volunteer of the Year.

Jess’ philanthropic contributions include: past president and past chairman of the Houston Symphony Society, president of the Houston Symphony Endowment, a member of the Steering Committee for Men of Distinction and chairman of the Men of Distinction Luncheon, chairman of the Houston Symphony annual fund committee, co-developer and past Chairman of Spring Spirit Baseball, a member of  the board of St. Thomas University and chairman of St. Thomas University’s Invest Committee, a member of the Board of The World Affairs Council, a member of the Board of Holy Spirit Episcopal School, past board member of Houston Grand Opera, and past member of the business boards of  United Fuel and Resources and Standard Renewable Energy.

Over the years, while creating a strong and loving family, the Tutors have given selflessly of their time and generosity to community organizations. Their diligent work in the service of these worthy organizations has contributed to the  richness of the fabric of the City of Houston and to its overall betterment.

It is for all the reasons mentioned above, and many more, that Betty and Jess Tutor have been named a Top 20 Power Couple Impact Maker for 2019.


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