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2023 Top 20 Impact Maker Awards

Impact Makers are humanitarians who are generous in their support of others, dedicated to improving lives and living conditions, and devoted to finding better ways of helping. They have made an achievement that has had a positive impact on some area of the arts, science, education, humanitarianism, or medicine within our community.

2023 Top 20 Impact Maker awards will be on Saturday, February 25, 2023 at Four Seasons Hotel Houston

If you are interested, please  contact us at Thank you! 

Friends of Judi McGee Individual ticket $390

  • One individual seat

Friends of Judi McGee couple tickets


  • Couple Ticket seat

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CKW LUXE is a publishing company, not a non-profit, but we strongly believe in giving back to the community. Therefore, proceeds from the event will support the production and growth of the publication, scholarship programs, art and music initiatives, literacy programs, and many other vital causes.

Host committee:

Dr. Peter and Honorable Theresa Chang Dr. Diana Collins, Dr. William and Teresa Reading, Gule Andrabi, Farida Abjani, Flora and Francis Choy, Katya Dow, Brigitte Kalai, Nat and Leela Krishnamurthy, and Jane Wagner

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