Jonathan Wommack Creates Laser Works of Art with a Purpose




Laser artist Jonathan Wommack of Jonathan W. Design is as fascinated by the precise lines of a Gothic cathedral as he is by the dramatic and often chaotic patterns in nature. Having grown up in Colorado, Wommack has been surrounded by the powerful beauty of the natural world for most of his life. Design in all its forms inspires him.

Wommack’s love affair with art began early. Photography and music captured his heart, as did working with wood. As he matured as a mixed media artist, his chief medium was wood. During this time, Wommack began interpreting his drawings and bringing his imagination to life in custom laser and design works of art. Wommack not only works in wood, but also etches his designs into glass, stone, leather, and bamboo.

His creations range from the exotic to the rustic to the high-concept. Not one to be minimalist in his taste or ambition, Wommack is precise in the detail he brings to his pieces and considers himself a “streamlined maximalist” tending toward the ornate. His work attracts individuals with a deep sense of self who appreciate unique art that diverges from the norm.

With discerning clients from around the world, Jonathan W. Design uses state-of-the-art laser technology to customize all areas of their homes, including entryways, hallways, and patios. The company doesn’t stop with custom laser products to enhance and embellish the home; it also creates exclusive gifts with laser etching.

One of its lines is the IQ collection, which features artistically crafted luxury items. The IQ collection was so named because of Wommack’s fascination with spatial ability, formation, and the capacity to visualize the manipulation of shapes. Some of the items in the collection include a stunning Parcheesi board etched with the IQ collection design and a tubular burr box puzzle guaranteed to challenge any IQ.

All its fascinating pieces, from laser etched boxes, to lanterns, bamboo coasters, and candles relate to one another in their consistency of pattern. The IQ collection also boasts a series of spectacular laser etched journals featuring wood inlay, which make the perfect gift for a friend, or an indulgence for one’s self. This is luxury at its finest.

CKW LUXE spoke with Jonathan Wommack recently and asked him where his greatest inspirations come from, how he became interested in laser art, how he expanded that art into the home decoration industry, and to describe his favorite creation.

CKW LUXE: Please tell our readers where your inspirations for your art come from and how you interpret them in your designs.

Jonathan Wommack: I am inspired by geometry and patterns as evidenced by our natural surroundings and in old architecture. Something lacking in today's society is the appreciation of detail. Many consider it costly and not worth their time. It’s a whole mindset of function over form. I like to see the form take as much thought in the detail/design as the thought put into its function.

CKW: How did you begin working in wood, and how did this lead to etching wood and other materials?

JW: I have, from a very young age, dabbled in woodworking. It was after I had a chance to use a state- of-the-art laser system that I really started making wooden items for resale. The amount of detail and accuracy inherent in using a computer and a machine capable of the minutest calibration is amazing.

CKW: You use laser etching to transform whole rooms. How did your art expand into redefining homes?

JW: Lighting and tile work inspired me to start creating designs that I would enjoy in my own home. I had not seen etched tile used in entryways into homes before and thought it would be amazing to etch whatever I wanted into the floors and make a modern unconventional design to fit in anywhere.

CKW: Do you have a favorite piece you’ve created? If so, can you describe it for us and explain why it means so much to you.

JW: I made a lace wood deck of 52 playing cards that came in a black box with a timepiece in the center of the lid. I etched a design into the black wood box and inlaid that with gold. Each card had an art piece as the back. There were also custom Jokers and a custom Ace of Spades. Not only was this fun to design and make, it can be used to play with so it is highly functional as well.

Jonathan Wommack is an artist who is influenced by the world around him. Whether admiring classical architecture or ruminating on the complexity of nature, Wommack was born to recreate their designs in his art. With laser etching he can transform homes through custom pieces or form luxury items that will be cherished by anyone who possesses one. Art isn’t just to be looked at, Wommack understands. It is its most appreciated when it can also serve a beautiful purpose.