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Be a Natural Beauty

By Margaret MacMillan


I love the confidence make-up gives me—Tyra Banks


Every woman is beautiful. The beauty in her soul is reflected through her eyes and in the upward curve of her mouth when she smiles. But most women feel more confident when they enhance their natural beauty with products that emphasize their best features, allow their skin to glow, and make their hair shine.


At what cost, however, does this come? Beauty products full of harsh chemicals, including carcinogens and pesticides, are actually harmful to skin and hair, not to mention what they do to the environment. So, while we think we’re benefitting from their affects, we could actually be harming our natural beauty and that of the world around us. And, when it comes to the environment, it’s not only the chemicals in the products that hurt it, it’s the packaging as well.


What is the alternative? Fortunately, there are many companies that use natural plant-based ingredients in their moisturizers, shampoos, foundations, mascaras, and eye shadows that are healthy for you and the environment. All you have to do is check the labels to make certain these ingredients, and not chemicals, are on the list. And be sure to choose fragrance-free options to avoid allergic reactions.


Another way to ensure your beauty products are natural is to make your own. This may be easier than you think. The ingredients like green tea, honey, vinegar, and coconut oil are probably already sitting in your kitchen cupboards waiting to be used. You can create facial masks, deep conditioning treatments for hair, exfoliants, shampoos, and scrubs that your body will thank you for. The possibilities are endless. Recipes can be found all over the Web and there are many books devoted to the subject. And, when you make your own products from natural ingredients, there is no packaging to deal with.


Enhancing our natural beauty gives us confidence. Doing it in a responsible and intelligent way, gives us peace of mind. We want to feel good about looking better, and by using cosmetics that contain safe natural ingredients, or by making our own, we can do it with a clear conscience. And that will make us even more beautiful.


Here are a few links to some awesome Web sites offering natural beauty recipes you can whip up on your own:


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