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Chloe Choudhury: A Singing Sensation with a Heart as Big as Her Voice

CKW Luxe is proud to announce that Chloe Choudhury is our Pop Star Award honoree. This award recognizes the young people who shine in their talent. Whether they are amazing at art, music, or writing, we want to recognize them.


A young singing sensation from Sugar Land, Texas, Chloe Choudhury has made the world sit up and take notice of her wonderful gift. When she was just ten years old, her parents, hearing something special in Chloe’s voice, encouraged her to share it with the world. She has been doing so ever since. It wasn’t easy for her at first, but Chloe took her parents’ advice and she hasn’t looked back. Honored to have the opportunity, Chloe shares her remarkable talent with her community and the world through the many invitations she receives to sing at prestigious events. Often, she is the youngest singer ever invited to perform. On top of her singing engagements, Chloe is a high achiever in all her classes at Dulles Middle School, a published poet, a championship swimmer, and an avid volunteer. CKW Luxe would like to congratulate Chloe Choudhury for her numerous achievements so far in her young life and on being our Pop Star Award honoree.

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