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Cindi Harwood Rose 

CKW Luxe is also proud to honor our art editor, Cindi Harwood Rose, whose unparalleled skills as a silhouette artist have not only made her the fastest in the world, but have also made her the joint subject of a fascinating  and informative new film called Silhouette Secrets.


Cindi has always been an entertainer, and she has delighted party-goers, gala attendees, and celebrities across the country with the quick and precise shadow portraits she cuts in the blink of an eye. Cindi is also co-founder of the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation, which serves those in need after undergoing certain types of treatments for cancer. As an associate producer of Silhouette Secrets, Cindi is to be commended for her achievement. Not only does the film offer its viewers insight into the shadowy world of silhouette portraiture, it is exciting and entertaining. At its center is a challenge for a cutting contest issued by Cindi to Charles Burns, another eminent silhouette artist. It culminates in the brilliantly titled “Off with Your Head” charity speed-cutting challenge in Houston during with the master cutters race against the clock in a show of snipping skills not to be missed. The film has gone on to be nominated for numerous awards, become a selection at a number of prestigious film festivals, and honored as the 2016 Remi winner and the 2016 winner in the Best Documentary category at the 12 Months Film Festival. CKW Luxe would like to congratulate Cindi Rose on her wonderful film and on all her remarkable achievements.

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