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Connie Kwan-Wong Charitable Foundation Presents Boys and Girls Harbor 2015 Christmas Party! 

By Connie Kwan-Wong   |    Date: December 13, 2015

Christmas is the time of happiness, giving and sharing. Connie Kwan-Wong Foundation and her team of excited volunteers showed love and creative opportunities during 2015 Christmas visit. This event clearly reinforced the themes of love and bring out children's creativity through art and music. 


The children and teenagers at Boys & Girls Harbor spent an exciting evening spending time with the world fastest silhouette artists and musicians. Creativity expressed through art and music only fun, but also a wonderful way to enhance positive self-esteem in our youth, especially during difficult times. The mission of the Boys & Girls Harbor is to provide healthy, comprehensive care for children and families in crisis, and through the work of the Connie Kwan-Wong Foundation and her team of excited volunteers, these kids were showered with creative opportunities during their visit. 


All their awesome volunteers including, local musicians - Daren Hightower, Charles Bryant and Steven Gammill, the world fastest silhouette Artist- Cindi Rose and many wonderful volunteers made a big difference to the children at Boys and Girls Harbor. 


Every child deserves those moments of nurturing their creative side, and through the vision and work of the CKW Foundation, these kids got exactly what they were yearning for … love and attention, mixed in with a lot of fun!


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