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Bradlee Few: A Conscientious Young Foodie with a Cause


CKW Luxe is proud to announce that Bradlee Few is our honoree for the Shooting Star Award. This award recognizes the young people who pave the way for themselves. They have shown extraordinary effort in the pursuit of a particular goal and have influenced the community for the better.

“Find what you’re passionate about and dig your heels into it. Recognize injustice in this world and–armed with your passion–take the necessary steps to overcome it. Don’t wait for someone supposedly bigger, stronger, or equipped with more resources, now is as good a time as any to reshape our world. You don’t have to travel across the ocean to instigate change, you need only to step into your city, to lend a hand to those around you.” – Bradlee Few

Bradlee Few is a senior at The Kinkaid School where she devotes herself to academics, sports, and service. She is captain of both the varsity cross-country team and the varsity track and field team; an Admissions Ambassador, who introduces the school to prospective families during open houses and by conducting tours; and president and co-founder of Bite of Kinkaid, a foodie club focusing on introducing its members to world cultures through cooking, eating, and service. As a peer mentor, Bradlee acts as one of thirty-six seniors selected to mentor, guide, and help freshmen as they navigate high school. She is also a Dean’s Ambassador, assisting the Dean’s Office in welcoming college and university representatives to campus. With an active interest in politics, Bradlee is a member of the Model United Nations team as well.

Through Kinkaid’s Interim Term program, she has traveled to China, for cultural immersion, and to Grenoble, France, for a three-week homestay. During the latter, she participated in an immersive study of French language and culture. This year for Interim Term, Bradlee interned at Randi Rahm Atelier in New York City.

Pursuing her passion for writing, Bradlee contributes as layout editor for Kinkaid’s literary magazine, Falcon Wings. This year, her writing was awarded three Honorable Mentions, two Silver Keys, and one Gold Key in the Scholastic Awards at the regional level. Her regional Gold Key short story went on to receive the highest honor of a National Gold Key in the Scholastic Awards.

Not only is Bradlee active in her school community, she is involved with the Houston community as well. As a member of the Memorial Chapter of National Charity League (NCL) since seventh grade, she has served as vice president, president, and, currently, as vice president of philanthropy. Along with NCL, Bradlee has been a member of Jack and Jill of America, Houston Chapter since moving to Houston in fifth grade. As a sophomore, she joined the Oliver Foundation—a nonprofit for the prevention of childhood obesity—as a member of the Teen Advisory Board. This has provided her with the opportunity to speak at two consecutive Southern Obesity Summits and to currently serve as the events coordinator for the Board.

As well as being all the things mentioned above, Bradlee Few is a young woman with a worthy cause that she champions to Houston and the world through her involvement in like-minded organizations, and a website and blog. That cause is to prevent childhood obesity and inspire healthy eating. What greater cause could there be than the health of the next generation?

Bradlee understands the importance of promoting her cause through advocacy. She became interested in healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle while cooking and volunteering at Recipe for Success, a Houston-based nonprofit devoted to ending childhood obesity by promoting healthy eating habits in children. In her junior year at Kinkaid, Bradlee created a healthy eating program at Yellowstone Academy in Houston. She called the program “Should I Eat This or That?” During her weekly visits, Bradlee taught the third-grade class about the importance of making healthy food choices. At the same time, through exercise and making nutritious treats with them, Bradlee gave the students the whole experience of eating and living well.

Her discussions with the Yellowstone students centered on “preventing childhood obesity in ourselves and others, and getting down to the root of it all: making the right choices,” she says in her blog. Her blog and website, “Should I Eat This or That?” was born out of that experience, and Bradlee gave it the same name. The title refers to choosing between “this,” meaning healthy food, and “that,” meaning not-so-healthy food. With the goal of sharing what she believes is paramount in life: good health and good food, Bradlee created it as a tool to help make healthy living a little bit easier for people.

Bradlee’s advocacy and sharing don’t stop with her website and blog. In her “quest to prevent childhood obesity, inspire healthy living, and encourage advocacy,” she has created a six-minute documentary called “Tipping the scale: Prevention of Childhood Obesity.” It is an excellent summary of the problem; the solutions; the Houston-based organizations, like Recipe for Success and the Oliver Foundation, working to change the situation; and a call to action to us all to end childhood obesity in our lifetime. Bradlee even has a YouTube channel under her name, Bradlee Few. It features healthy recipes using readily accessible fresh ingredients, made by herself and her friends, as well as Bradlee’s Ted Talk, and the documentary.

Bradlee’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. Most recently, Bradlee was honored as the first ever ABC13 Houston Women of Distinction Rising Star and as this year’s YWCA Houston Rising Star.

CKW Luxe would like to congratulate Bradlee Few on being the Shooting Star Award honoree. As the embodiment of the award, Bradlee focused her sights on a goal, came up with a viable plan for approaching and achieving it, and continues to advocate for its success. It is evident how much Bradlee cares about, and believes in, her admirable cause as well as the innumerable children her efforts have benefited. We would also like to wish Bradlee all the best in the newest chapter of her life as a student at Harvard University where she will be starting this fall as a member of the Class of 2020.

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