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Top 20 Impact Maker Awards



Nominate your Top 20 Impact Makers for CKW LUXE’s Top 20 Impact Makers Awards, 2020 now!

Impact Makers are humanitarians who are generous in their support of others, dedicated to improving lives and living conditions, and devoted to finding better ways of helping. They have made an achievement that has had a positive impact on some area of the arts, science, education, humanitarianism, or medicine within our community. You are free to nominate power couples, and inspiring mother/father and daughter/son duos, women, men, and youth. The publication staff will make the final selection.

The Impact Maker awards will be presented at our second annual Top 20 Impact Maker Awards Celebration.


2020 Top 20 Impact Maker awards will be on Sunday, January 19, 2020 at The St. Regis Hotel. 

2020 Top 20 Impact Makers nomination will begin on

1st of June and end on 31st of July, 2020. 

So send in your nomination today!

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