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Deer Lake Lodge

Takes you away from it all  

Just an hour outside the city of Houston, there exists a peaceful out-of-the-way oasis of relaxation and restoration called Deer Lake Lodge. This serene resort and spa sits in seclusion on fifty acres of beautiful woodland in Montgomery, Texas. Guests spend their time enjoying their amenity-filled accommodations (suite or cabin), basking by the saltwater pool, walking in the tree-scented surroundings, and benefiting from the luxurious spa programs.
The ultimate private retreat, it’s just the spot for trading hectic city living for the benefits of fresh air, healthy meals, and a little pampering. Whether the purpose is to get away from it all or detox and lose some excess weight, Deer Lake Lodge may be just what many of us have been looking for.

All suites overlook the pool and are equipped with comfy double beds. If a guest chooses to stay in a cabin, they have their choice of king or queen beds, as well as complete privacy, a screened porch, and striking arboreal views. Both types of accommodation are perfect for tapping into one’s inner peace while enjoying external solitude.
The calming lifestyle begins as soon as guests arrive. Greeted by the well-appointed resort with its shining pool and quaint cabins, it’s easy for guests to feel totally at home. The sense of serenity continues upon entering their suite or cabin. Here, guests can wrap themselves in soothing organic towels and robes and be lulled off to a contented sleep in organic bed linens. Peace of mind is enhanced for guests by knowing cleaning products and mattresses are also organic.
Rising to begin their new day, guests are invited to take part in the simple and effective detox program or enjoy the healthy bed and breakfast option. The self-directed detox programs, part of the wellness aspect of the lodge, are meant to personalize each guest’s experience no matter what their goal. If desired, guests can take part in organic consulting with April Ree, AKA Sweet Mama, and delve into the pleasure and benefits of raw foods.
Raw food guru Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, of FullyRaw fame, enjoys visiting Deer Lake Lodge to recharge. When she has time to take a break from touring and promoting her celebrated raw food products, Kristina finds it the perfect place to unwind, relax, and treat herself to a variety of healthy options.

When guests participate in the spa programs, they leave stress, environmental pollution, and the effects of poor food choices behind them. Bodies overloaded with toxins and stress can’t function successfully. The spa programs at Deer Lake Lodge are designed to undo the damage of our highly scheduled lives. Fasting, juicing, cleansing, and colonics, all spa services, help participants get energized, feel invigorated, and return to their normal lives healthier and in a better frame of mind. Massage, facials, holistic ritual, and body wraps are more spa services guests can pamper themselves with during their stay.

Guests also have the opportunity to experience a one-on-one life-coaching class with renowned coach Mark Scherer to help awaken their true potential. Scherer offers participants bio-optic holography sessions, one-on-one life-facilitation sessions, and sacred body language translations. Iridology and yoga are also among the spa programs available. There are group sessions for the yoga classes as well as personal instruction, if desired.

Once a guest arrives at Deer Lake Lodge, they may be inclined to stay for a while. The lodge has that covered with various stay packages available, beginning with “Harmony,” a 3-day semi-fasting cleansing program that ensures a quick tune-up. Guests who want to remain longer can choose between “Tranquility,” “Bliss,” or “Nirvana,” all offering longer stays and greater health benefits.

A visit to Deer Lake Lodge isn’t all work and no play. Quite the contrary. One of the most popular locations is the fasting lounge where guests love to gather, chat with new friends, and just chill. In fact, this special communal area has become THE place to meet. A great way to end a day of fasting, cleansing, and yoga for many guests is to take advantage of the heated saltwater pool and jetted spa. The outdoor fireplace, where guests can visit or meditate, is another pleasurable option. Because Deer Lake Lodge is renowned for its professionalism, beauty, attention to detail, and stunning rugged surroundings, its Grand Hall has become a sought-after setting for the perfect wedding. Getting away from it all by leaving the city and communing with nature is a treat we all deserve once in a while. Being able to do so amid a charming yet elegant setting is a plus. Add doing your body good by cleansing and revitalizing it, and you have the perfect combination. Deer Lake Lodge has discovered the formula and is waiting to offer that combination to you.

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