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Cover Shoot Story:

       "Frozen" Meets        

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Photography: Jenna Barrett of Anthem in Art
Model: Janie Stewart
Hair and Makeup: Jenna Barrett
Dress: Adrianna Ostrowska of Ostrowska Couture

The inspiration for this cover shoot came from the incredible designs of Adrianna Ostrowska of Ostrowska Couture. Walking into the studio one morning, I noticed a clothing rack filled with stunning dresses set against the back wall. They had been brought in by my studio mate. Of course, I had to look at them more closely and ran right over. I was awestruck by the meticulous designs. The high-necked elegant cut of the gray gown worn by cover model Janie Stewart immediately drew my attention, and I began to picture it encased in a frozen landscape.

The fairy-tale approach to the shoot worked well with the gowns. Adrianna’s frocks have an ethereal quality to them and are intended to evoke the mystical and magical. This is how she describes her aesthetic: “Where couture meets fairy.” I love her European designs. They’re whimsical, but sophisticated at the same time, and an absolute dream to photograph.

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