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GIVING, by Zoe Wong, is a fun illustrated book for ages 4 – 8.


Crescent is an unusual octopus. He has colorful crystals on each of his eight tentacles. They are his pride and joy. 

Crescent lives in the ocean and is friends with many other sea creatures. Each of them admires his crystals and many ask him if they may have one. Crescent always refuses. He believes his crystals put him on a level above the others. Crescent thinks that feeling superior will bring him happiness. 

One day, Crescent’s ocean friends throw him a surprise birthday party. He is overcome by their generosity. After the party, Crescent decides to apologize to his friends for being selfish. He also decides to give each of them something in return for their kindness. It doesn’t take him long to choose what that will be.

Children will enjoy reading about Crescent and the lesson he learns about giving and the meaning of true happiness in GIVING.

Children will also have fun singing along to the song, Share What You Love, once they have finished the story.

A vocabulary worksheet is included at the end to help children with new words.

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About the Author

Zoe Wong


Zoe has been brought up in an atmosphere of love and encouragement and is learning the importance of giving to others by the example set by her parents. Her family’s motto is: “Always share your blessings with others whenever possible. Love the people around you, and help the people who need 

Zoe’s interests include reading, writing, art, music, dance, and exploring new ideas and experiences. She loves family time and being with her friends. Zoe also likes volunteering with her mother at Kids’ Meals and Today’s Harbor for Children, two wonderful charities that are effectively helping many. 

A lover of books and stories, Zoe has written three picture books: Kindness, with her mother; Perseverance, Cleverness, and Fearlessness; and Giving. Her aim is to use the proceeds from the books to help the community. One of her family’s core values is to make the world a better place by giving back. 

Zoe’s cause is to shower the elderly and children with love, hope, and respect.

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