Giving the gift of Flowers

Says a lot of who we are


Have you ever wanted to change someone’s perception of you? Perhaps you have, or have had, a friend who has a preconceived idea about you that is inaccurate. If you are like most of us, you would like to be able to change that preconception even if you don’t know where it came from. An easy way to do this may be to give the person the gift of flowers.

According to research done at Rutgers University in New Jersey, the gifts we give others, whether to celebrate an occasion, acknowledge friendship, express emotion, or spread cheer speak volumes about us. It seems that those of us who choose to give flowers rather than, say, a fruit basket or a bottle of wine, as a gift are seen to be successful and caring. More specifically, if we give flowers, people see us as happy, capable, strong, and high achievers. We are also perceived as being emotionally intelligent, meaning we are effective in the way we express our own emotions and successful in the way we interpret other people’s feelings. Another of the findings was that women who give flowers are thought of as being more receptive to nature and beauty.

To support the statement I made in the first paragraph of this article, the findings also showed that we absolutely can influence, and even change, what people think of us, and do so in a significant manner by giving them flowers. In the study, women who were gifted flowers smiled openly and experienced positive moods that lasted beyond the day the flowers were received. Because flowers activate a positive emotional response in us, they can alter an opinion we have about a friend, family member, or business associate for the better. Not only does this have implications for affecting our personal relationships in a positive way, it also has implications for strengthening our business relationships.

The choice to give flowers “out of the blue” rather than just on special occasions affects the way people see us, too. That generosity of spirit and expression of gratitude, acknowledging the importance of another in our lives, creates a compelling connection to the giver by the recipient. The giver isn’t seen as successful because they have a lot of money or possessions, but because they are in touch with others’ feelings and take steps to make a difference in their lives with simple acts of kindness like giving flowers.

If you want to do more than strengthen your bond with someone else, or show them  you are a caring person concerned with their welfare, you might go one step further and give them the gift of your favorite flowers. By doing so, you can reveal even more about yourself. The Victorians believed our personalities were reflected in the blossoms we favor. For instance: If you like daisies, you have a sunny disposition, a good sense of humor, and an optimistic view of life. You are also a good friend and fun to take to a party. If you like tulips, you’re thoughtful and confident with an adventurous streak. You also connect easily with people and can be counted on to give practical advice. If you like orchids, it’s no surprise to discover that you have sophisticated tastes and an air of mystery about you. You can also be quite outspoken, which is respected by your friends. If you like daffodils, you are artistic and peace-loving, and you strive for excellence. Family and friends are important to you. If, like me, you like irises, you will show the person you are gifting them to that you are imaginative, self-reflective, and a dreamer.

It’s interesting how much flowers say about us. Not only can they reveal elements of our personalities to another, they can also reveal the best of who we are. When we give the gift of flowers, we are making it clear that we recognize the value of that person in our lives, that we care about them, and that it means a great deal to us to let them know.