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Intense Work Is Rest:

A Seminar Given by A. Parthasarathy



On the evening of October 16, 2018, a large gathering of supporters came together at the Bayou City Event Center to take part in a seminar led by Swami Parthasarathy. Fondly known as Swamiji, Parthasarathy has devoted his life to learning and teaching Vedanta, the ancient philosophy of India. He is also the self-realized founder and chief acharya of Vedanta Institutes, which are located around the world. His contribution to humanity over the past sixty years has been imbuing modern life with the wisdom of Vedanta for peaceful and productive living. As well as traveling the world teaching, Swamiji has authored 11 books, three of which are best sellers.

After registration, hors d’oeuvres, and a video spanning Parthasarathy’s 91 years, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett delivered warm words of introduction. Parthasarathy began the seminar by stating the purpose of the gathering, which was for participants to “take stock and learn.”

Titled, Intense Work Is Rest: Looking Forward to Monday Mornings, the seminar focused on finding rest in work by keeping the mind at rest while the body is active. As guests listened with interest, they learned that work that causes stress is not work. Selfishness, Parthasarathy stated, is what causes stress. His contention is that the selfless cannot be stressed, because they are not thinking about what they are getting out of the work, instead, their minds are at rest while their bodies work.

Because our minds work full time, and our bodies hardly work, our bodies are driven by our minds and our intellect. We must choose which one is in charge. As the intellect thinks, reasons, and reflects and the mind is emotional and impulsive, it is important to learn to listen to the dictates of the intellect, he stated. It is our responsibility, he believes, to build and strengthen our intellect. He advised his audience to change the nature of the way they work by striving to struggle, not to succeed. He concluded by saying that if we work this way, moving from being selfish, to unselfish, and then to selfless, work will never tire us. It is worry about the past and anxiety for the future that tires us, therefore, in intense work there is rest.

After the seminar, there was a question and answer period. Consul General Anupam Ray concluded the seminar and Q&A portion of the evening by thanking Swami Parthasarathy for his insights. Dinner followed.

The evening’s sponsors were Ilan Investments and Mahindra Tractors & Utility Vehicles.

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