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Kids’ Meals provides support in the fight against childhood hunger.


"Texas, unfortunately, is number one in our nation for food insecurity for children," The Food Bank also reports that “in Harris County, there is an estimated poverty rate of 16.4 percent for individuals, but children under five are disproportionately affected by a poverty rate of 25.7 percent . . . at 28.2 percent, 1, 871,600 children are living in food-insecure homes."


The mission of Kids' Meals, Inc. is to end hunger among children by delivering nutritious meals to the doors of children in need, free of cost, year-round.


The need for Kids' Meals is ever-growing due to the increase of food and gas prices as well as the slowing economy. Layoffs and downsizing have more families finding themselves in need of food and the kindness and caring of others. Kids' Meals has hundreds of children on their waiting list ready to be fed. 


The first Meals-on-Wheels program for children started in 1984 and helped to create hope, love, and posit11ivity in those it served.

In 2010, Kids' Meals delivered OVER 343,340 lunches with a staff of eight and with the help of over 9,000 volunteers! 


Through the efforts of charitable giving, Kids' Meals delivers to 1,400 pre-school aged children, living in poverty, who are in need of food.  Kids’ Meals delivers nutritious meals directly to the homes of these hungry children, Monday through Friday, year-round. The lunches are free of cost to each family. They deliver lunches out of two locations. They are located inside two Neighborhood Centers (Independence Heights and East Houston, Ripley House). 


Kids’ Meals also has additional services that complement their Meals-on-Wheels program. They include:

  • Delivering bags of groceries, which include fresh fruits and vegetables, to families in need

  • Delivering Thanksgiving turkeys

  • Hosting Christmas parties and toy giveaways

  • Taking kids on outings to the Houston Dynamos, the Houston Rockets, Mitzvah Day, the Nutcracker Ballet, and the Children’s Museum

  • Providing school supplies for the start of the school year

  • Providing family resource referrals to assist with needs such as GED, medical, counseling, meal planning, and budget planning

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