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La Escuela Argentina de Houston:

Where Kids Learn Spanish and Latin American Culture


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For Houston parents interested in their young children having an immersive environment in which to learn Spanish and be exposed to Latin American culture, La Escuela Argentina de Houston (LEAH) is a trustworthy option. Guided by a governing board and registered in the State of Texas as a nonprofit organization, LEAH is endorsed by the Education Department of the Republic of Argentina. Six other schools outside its national territory have been endorsed by the Education Department of the Republic of Argentina. They are in Paris, New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Miami, and Greenwich.

The LEAH curriculum complements the curriculum of public and private schools. As classes are held on Saturdays, students receive a week’s worth of content in one day. And because children enrolled at LEAH learn about the Latin American culture, along with learning how to speak Spanish, they are introduced to a variety of points of view, which promotes critical and reflective thinking.

While at LEAH, children are encouraged to emulate the school’s values. They are:

Value oneself and the environment around us by respecting cultural, political, and religious differences.


Be trustworthy. Show good moral character for individual and society welfare.


Be accountable and fulfill our obligations with dedication, perseverance, and discipline.


Seek a sense of belonging and identity underlined by the commitment of dedication to the school community.


Develop and apply critical and constructive thinking, venturing into the exploration of new ideas, perspectives, and cultures.

There are two levels at LEAH. The Initial Level is for students between the ages of four and five and covers a total of two years. Its objectives are to enhance sensory and motor development, stimulate social integration, and strengthen verbal communication. The Primary Level is for students between the ages of six and 12 and covers a total of six years. Its objectives are to encourage reading, promote verbal and writing skills with a progressive utilization of vocabulary, and support the exchange of ideas and opinions in a respectful and collaborative environment.

Recently, CKW LUXE had the pleasure of speaking with, Florencia Foster, the founder of LEAH, about the school.

CKW LUXE: We would be interested to know why you believe studying Spanish and understanding Latin American culture is important for Houston’s children.

Florencia Foster: Being able to learn another language is one of the best gifts we can give our children. The benefits have been studied and include, increased brain development, better long-term memory, and better concentration, just to name a few. LEAH assists in the process of creating academically capable students and culturally inclusive and well-equipped individuals with empathy and high critical-thinking skills. Currently, 44.8 percent of the population of Houston is Hispanic or Latino, so the need to communicate in Spanish is growing in this community. Apart from the cognitive and health benefits, knowing Spanish offers professional leverage in the workplace, benefits when travelling, and an opportunity to connect with the largest minority population in our city. Our school provides children with an environment in which to be immersed in the language and culture every Saturday for five hours, which has proven to be the most effective way to acquire a language.  

CKW: Is there a reason you begin teaching Spanish as early as the age of four?

FF: Children’s neuroplasticity, spontaneity, and natural curiosity make it easier for them to learn a new language (compared with adults). All of our teachers have a teaching degree and many years of experience. In a loving and encouraging environment (as opposed to a strict and competitive one), our students are able to gain more language knowledge. Our younger group starts their day by showing and telling about a toy (yes, they are allowed to bring their favorite toy to school), and at the end of the presentation, they are asked if they would like to share it or if they would rather place the toy in their backpacks. The day is filled with games and songs. They learn by playing. 

CKW: What has the response by parents been to your program and the progress their children are making in Spanish because of your program?

FF: Our parents are very supportive of LEAH. We are a community. They take all opportunities to celebrate together, from asados (Argentinian BBQs), to stepping into the classroom to talk about their country and traditions. There are many stories to share. Parents tell us that when they wake up their children in the morning, the children ask if it is the day for Argentina school and show joy and excitement as they wake up to get ready for school. The students make friends at school and introduce families to one another. Birthdays are always celebrated at LEAH, and we all sing happy birthday (in Spanish, of course) and eat cake. 

CKW: What are your future plans for LEAH, and do they include classes for older children or adults?

FF: LEAH will continue to grow as we enroll more students, hire more teachers and open new grades all the way to high school. We plan to include new positions on our board to fundraise to be able to give scholarships to more families in our community who would like to enroll their children at LEAH, but the cost is not within their budgets. Additional funds would help us continue to equip our classrooms and playgrounds. 

LEAH classes are  held on Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at LCI Language Centers. The school year and calendar coincide with the HISD (Houston Independent School District) school year.

Contact: 713 501 5490 or go to

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