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By Connie Kwan-Wong   |     Photo Credit: Arthritis Foundation    |       Date: May 27, 2016 

(Houston, TX) This week during both ‘Mental Health Awareness Month’ and ‘Arthritis Awareness Month,' the newly formed organization ‘LEAP,’ is advocating for healthy hearts, minds and bodies for optimum wellbeing to overcome chronic pain and disease, encouraging others to tune into their internal ‘health team,’ activate an ‘integrated approach’ to wellness, and be A Champion Of Yes.  

The organization’s message, ’LEAP to Wellness’ is also gaining positive momentum around the globe with with backing from British Members of Parliament, Olympic Athletes, International Footballers and TV personalities, supporting their mission. 


The Arthritis Foundation’s 2016 ‘Walk to Cure Arthritis,’ took place on Sunday with participants walking in celebration of being a “Champion Of Yes.”  The nationwide signature event has a mission to conquer arthritis by spreading awareness, supporting all people even pets living with arthritis and raise funds for research.


This month LEAP founder, arthritis warrior (now in remission) and walk team captain Christine Kearns lead her team in support of others living with the disease.  The British former dancer and CEO of Chellew Productions joined LEAP walk ambassadors, friend and City Of Houston press secretary Darian Ward, and fellow arthritis warrior Natasha Piper, who has not only battled with arthritis but is also a cancer survivor.  The ladies message was to empower and support others in their struggle while raising funds.

LEAP now looks forward to presenting a series of wellness events in Houston, supported to support others Living with the debilitating disease and was delighted to advocate for wellness at the Arthritis Foundation’s Annual Walk To Cure Arthritis.

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