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Magic Is in the Air

Zane Carson Carruth launches the second title in her children’s book series The World’s First Tooth Fairy . . . Ever

Photo Credit:  Gary Fountain 

General Editor: Margaret MacMillan

Publisher: Connie Kwan-Wong

The Celebration

The spacious River Oaks Bookstore Westheimer location was a hubbub of activity when it hosted the launch of children’s book author Zane Carson Carruth’s newest title. The Adventures of Abella and Her Magic Wand is the second in the popular series The World’s First Tooth Fairy . . . Ever.

The Story

The delightful series follows the adventures of the tooth fairy Abella and her best friend, Darcie. In The Adventures of Abella and Her Magic Wand, after months of hard work and studying, Abella finally receives her magic wand. As well as discovering the joy the gift brings, Abella, with Darcie’s help, learns it also brings responsibility.


The Moments

Over 50 guests attended the event, which featured a book signing by the author. The enthusiastic audience purchased copies of the first and second books in the series, had them signed by the author, and also bought copies of the coloring and activity book.

The third book in the series, The Legend Begins, will be launched toward the end of 2019.

Guests: Brady Carruth, Terrylin Neale, Beth Madison, Rini Ziegler, Ann Ayers, Cheryl Byington, Leila Perrin, Brittany and Adam Clark, Perryn Leech, Greg Robertson, Suzy Bergner, and Kylie Conner.

About Zane Carson Carruth

Zane Carson Carruth is a certified etiquette and protocol professional. She is the owner of Carson Marketing, LLC, a Houston-based full-service marketing company that provides integrated marketing solutions for businesses. She also owns Etiquette to Excel. Her children’s books, featuring two little fairies, are filled with adventure, energy, and wonder.

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